February 20th, 2009


Friday, February 20

A very February day. Casual snow all day ... with several sudden-squalls that turn the world white and scary looking... then sunshine??? and back to squalls.
yup yup... February.

So Ed tried twice this week to hand in his Egypt project. He was a week early - a wee problem with how well he writes things down in class... sigh. Teach took the paper part but Ed had the Crook back and forth on the bus twice... well, one-and-a-half times. He lost it yesterday ... on the way from his portable to the bus. We went back to look for it... but alas... earwax. Suz spoke to teach last night. No worries on the project side... teach saw the crook... but he (Ed) dug it. :D
So today Ed goes in hoping it was in the portable. Wasn't. Teach has the "office" make an announcement and long story long (I'd have said "short" but we know that's not happening) I get a call from Teach tonight... after little Mr. Dejected comes home crook-less from school... telling me some little grade two girl picked it up from the snow and used it as a walking stick back and forth to school... she turned it in at the end of day. Apparently it's no worse for wear. :D

~ Allow me to explain through interpretive dance...
~ black jeans...
~ oh, and a sheldon-love long sleeve shirt under the tee.
~ work-from-home-all-day... which was quite something... me and five lattes got a shit load of stuff done today.
~ :)
~ make dinner... clean up dinner...
~ and now it's now. :)
~ to tell kendokamel that she has amazing self-control... :D
~ that carorules turns the music up and dances the night away :)
~ and to send a little hopeful lj love out to chiropteraclan ... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a very absent nordicgrrl. :) May there be many wonderful reasons for you to be smiling... where ever you are.

Last night we went to the High School that Geo will be going to next year. It was an "open house", presentation thing... Bring your kid and plan to stay for a couple of hours. :D
It was awesome. I had low expectations because this school kind of came with the rep as being the "rural high" versus the heavily funded catholic mega high-school in town proper... both are options for Geo (don't have to be catholic to go to the catholic high school).
Dude... they have an "aerial gym". Climbing walls, trapezes, zip lines, climbing roaps... it was quite something.
Outstanding tech centre studies with a focus on media... blah blah blah...
and we found the teachers... honestly... to be a really nice group.
I suppose the evil oger teachers just didn't participate in open-house. :D
And I have no memory of my parents ever coming to any kind of an open-house at my high school....

I need a hair cut.
My hair... totally never clearly illustrated in the daily pictures... is quickly leaving me.
And it's leaving "tufts" in it's wake.
The only way to battle it... is to either twist up the tufts and put bows on them... or keep it short. :)
My head...

Fun 'eh... :D
~ it's like being up on the CN tower... if you look carefully... you can see the curve of the earth head...

See ya.

Survivor XVIII Update!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Broke Back Brazilian!

Where in... our happy campers are still sorta in the honeymoon phase, eating bugs for fun, and judging the crap out of each other. When we’re not getting scared away by Sandy’s cadaver smile, we’re watching cosplay Sierra Sox supervise a sand mine. Oh and Stevie and JT are practically tea-bagging each other. You just know someone is not gonna be able to quit someone else, before this is over.

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