February 13th, 2009


FRIDAY THE 13.... er... Friday, February 13. :D

In case you've forgotten or I haven't mentioned it enough...
I flipp'en love... luuuuurrrrrve... my iPhone.
It is so exactly what I wanted it to be... (although a better interface to updated "flash" content would be nice too).

It's a sunny a g-g-g-gorgeous day.
And I've been outside... NOT AT ALL.
But I have been sitting in front of giant windows, doing my work.

~ old black jeans... warm shirt... and a smile. :)
~ work all day... except for the parts where I slacked off... :)
~ come up with something yummi for dinner... (no idea yet)
~ and find a way to de-stress tonight. !!
~ to send a virtual thank-you not to darkbay...
~ and to fly to where ever the heck shoo is and take her out to dinner... er... virtually. :D (no seriously... you're a doll)

Friday the 13th ... is really stupid.
Saturday the 14th... is way more dangerous.
Survival clue: Unless you spent three figures, that frilly stuff is prol'y uncomfortable and... is not - no matter how you slice it - a gift for her.
Just say'en.
Stick to a big goofy feather boa.
At least there's no size to get right.
Oh and today is... February 13... at 23:31:30 GMT ... UNIX time processors the world over hit time marker 1234567890.
Geeky cool.

And so here's what happened.
Lj friend acquired via some Big Brother post (I think).
She lives in a warm place, has a nice dog, a pool and works hard at her career.
She's nice.
She has a lover... a beautiful woman who lives far away.
Over time... she becomes a friend too.
But wait... is she a lover? Or just a friend that someone thinks is a lover?
Well it's mighty unclear.
And it's not really any of my beezwax...
Life goes on.
Good friendships... nice people.
Oh but wait... funnily enough another lj friend, a boy also very far away...
Seems to know the lover too.
In fact he knows her enough ... for her to be mad at him about the sort of things girls and boys get mad at each other for.
I wouldn't have known from adam... 'cept he writes to me to ask about her posts...
I demure and marvel at the reality of a) his good fortune and b) how small the freaking world is.
Oh snap...
what about Big Brother girl?
That remains unclear but her life got complicated anyways... so I just keep on keeping up my vibe.
Good friendships... nice people... but some of them seem bent on complicting life.
Oh well... we all do at one point or another.
Seems Boy is also kinda hooked with another lj friend. In fact... wait...
I think I might have just known that... but kind of put it out of my mind or thought it was broken...
No matter... seems she's got his number and is none too pleased.
Ack... the lover is also none too pleased.
And... of course... another email from the guy.
Oh and fun fun fun... email direct from the lover.
What to do... what to do...
Tell the truth, don't offer up stuff that looks like a fuse and cross my fingers.
Yup yup... this was where I sent myself the email that said "This will turn out badly."
I do that from time to time, just to mark the spot when things... occure to me.
He stopped seeing her,
And the lover stopped seeing him
but the lover started swappen notes with her...
and adding fuel to their fire.
Meanwhile... he decides I'm the debbil.
And I'm off his list.
And falls in love with someone else...
And marries her.
First girl? ... warm place, nice dog?
Seemed quite resilient...
An den?
I'm off her list.
Oh but there's still the lover.
She's pretty... and still around.
Perhaps I got the better end of the ...
Oh wait... I didn't keep up with her drama enough...
And boom... I'm off her list too.
Four up... three down.
The only one that's still in the mix?
The "hooked with another LJ friend" girl.
Nice girl.
She got the worst of this ...
And all I did was watch.
Good thing I don't write Romance Novels on the side.

How many single-shot lattes in one 12 hour period would you consider... too many?

~ have a grand friday night muchachos... y muchachas...