January 30th, 2009


Friday, January 30

It's snowy... bright and snowy. I've been too sick to clear the walk...
I'll be setting the boys to that when they get home from school today.
I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going get myself back on schedule with work stuff...
but I guess it'll all work out in the end. Sick is sick and there's just nothing I can do 'bout that.

Oyi but there's loads of snow! I need to be healthy right quick, so I can get my darn skis back on...

Oh, and suz and I took the big drive to take my car in... (we both drive out to the mech's at night, drop my key in the "drop box" and drive home).
And I got the call this morning about a minimum of six bills worth of work that has to be done...
Sad. :(
~ it's always something!

~ new black jeans...
~ nice white tee...
~ a hoodie and a smile.
~ I'm fairly committed to embracing the idea that I'm less sick than I was yesterday - which can only mean I'm getting better (knocks on head...er... wood).
~ several emails to the galactic core to try and sort out some US taxation issues...
~ fill out a survey with the US homeland security dudes...
~ make and drink two delicious lattes...
~ work on client #2 project.
~ and later... think of something wonderful to have for dinner. I have some buttery-puff-pastry thawed out in the fridge... maybe some garlic-shrimp-puffs... hmmmmm
~ that there will be pictures from carorules's tie party...
~ that my friends living in the middle of the ice storm ... wear their seat belts... or better yet... stay home,
~ and for the magic faeries to fly to bramey and make something... anything... easy and ok. Sugar-bronze deserves a break! :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to angryvixen... aka sugar-kat. :) You have taken on a lifetime of responsibility in a very few short years and here you are now, just barely able to convince anyone that your adorable self is actually 30... caring for a family, and managing to be nothing short of a superstar while you do it... May the year ahead reward you well for your commitments, and I do hope you are blessed with many wonderful reasons to smile.
And happy out to doodle too! I hope you find the path that will lead you to the solutions you need ... and leave room in your life for some real comfort.

See, if you needed any more clear proof that we are all being rip roaringly bent over and taken like a school boy lost in the Vatican I will draw your attention to this tiny little pair of unimaginably horrific factoids:
1. The major US Banking organizations, that also manage most of the "funds" that you invest in, loan you money, give you credit cards and charge you fees for the privilege of being their captive customers were facing a financial crisis that threatened their entire "Hey Look At Me, I'm A Major US Bank" way of doing business... So the government that collects and manages your taxes decided to give $750 billion of your money to those banks to help them stay in business after making literally hundreds of thousands of terrible business decisions. DID YOU KNOW that the guys that run those banks paid themselves over $20 BILLION in bonuses since they got the bail-out money?
2. The major US Automobile companies found out that making vehicles nobody wanted despite spending billions of dollars on advertising was not going to make for a good long term business strategy. The government has decided that the major US Automobile companies deserved to get billions and billions of your dollars as well... and now those major US Automobile companies are going to use that money to finance their law suits against the US Governments (fed and state) because they don't like having pollution standards leveled against their manufacturing processes. The government is paying the major US Automobile companies to sue them.
~ can I get you some lube to go with that?

L. Ron Hubbard: University grade average was 2.28, or a "D" average.
~ just sharing.

This [ :: is a link to :: ] another winner in the category of "all time fav commercials". It's the t-mobile "life is for sharing" deal... and if you haven't seen it yet... you should. And then click along to watch the "making of" video... what a great thing to have been involved in. How flipp'en fun would that be!!!!!!


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Oh yeah... and that Public Transit Strike?
It's over.
The Feds were planning on legislating them back to work, so both sides - the mayor and the ATU - agreed to something that was on the table four weeks ago.

Of course, the pending ice-festival in Ottawa... and the Obama visit... had nothing to do with the feds decision to get tough.

Worst of all?
The honestly-pathetic blitz of media manipulation that is infecting every radio broadcast as the city, the union and the bus company all jockey to manage public opinion.

Personally... they can blah blah blah all they want. I wont soon forget how easily the citizens were tossed aside as those idiots all acted like entitlement-issue posers.

And when the drivers themselves had the chance to put this all to bed... weeks ago... they chose to keep on turning the screws and playing the entitlement game... while the rest of us twisted in the broken economy.

They don't get to say "Don't be mad at us... it was the city..." or "... it was the union.". It was the drivers too.

How about if folks withheld what ever service they offer to average joe bus driver when he comes into their place of business and said "Hey, sorry man, but I'm holding out for more money and the right to tell my boss when I'm going to work. You'll have to do with out for a while..."

In theory, it's supposed to take at least 3 years to get ridership back up to pre-strike levels.
I hope it takes a lot longer...

Maybe ridership will be so low... they'll have to cut back on some routes.
Schedule that... !