January 29th, 2009


Thursday, January 29

It's cloudy... but the snow stopped last night and we woke up to cleared roads and big snow banks. :)
Unfortunately, I'm still sick.
This is really messing with my work schedule. :(

~ up and do the morning thing... why? because the roads are clear and it is NOT a snow day.
~ the boys were some bummed about that... (they were soooo sure... lol).
~ they leave? I go directly back to bed, this time with advil for the sinus headache. The evil-cold is moving from the sinus to my chest I think... I'm still hoping for a miracle sudden-return-to-good-health. I am giving my body till tomorrow morning to be healthy or there will be consequences... I may have to take some of my privileges away...
~ to take Geo to the Ortho at lunch to have his "It's too loose" retainer adjusted... (and!!! AND, I get dressed, pick 'em up, take 'em there, and ... the loose'ness seems to have vanished... Dr.Dude:(clicking retainer into place) "What about that feels loose?" Geo:"Hmmm... actually..." Corto:"sigh".
~ actually the lower one needed to be adjusted, so I'm taking strength from that. :D LOL... he sure felt all sheepish ...
~ drive 'em back to school and come home...
~ now I'm just sitt'en here working and doing that "pretending to not be sick" thing... if I don't talk... you'd hardly notice. :)
~ oh, and I put a roast in... it's this "recipe" thing where you put a frozen-solid-like-a-rock-roast in a foil coffin, with a package of dry onion soup mix poured over it - all closed up tight, and cook it on modest heat all afternoon... I may have started it too late for any dinner before 7:00. We'll see. :)
~ that sirenity finds a good path to follow for the knees...
~ to chuckle at heatherbell and maybe give'er a VH5 . :D
~ to accuse pasticcio of being a dancing queen...
~ for murflegirl survives until the hocking zone...
~ and to just send some kind vibes to suburbiadaze just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish to my lovely African Queen... Sugar Nola (aka teaser). May the year ahead keep you and your boys safe and reward your good work with great health and happiness. May there be surprises that make you feel appreciated at work and loved beyond measure at home. Meanwhile, I'll keep salting away vacation money so I can visit with the family someday. :)

What is an "Essential Service"?
It seems that social organizations - the sort that advise government - define "essential" as something directly related to public safety.
This, to my way of looking at things, is a perfect example of what is actually wrong with the world these days.
Public safety is all about the whole "not dying" or "losing limbs" thing. So essential-services are the police, fire and ambulance services.
Seems to make sense... sure.
But that's like saying "we only give a crap after everything has completely fallen apart and is beyond salvage."
Our city is fifty one days into a labor union strike that has completely shut down Public Transportation.
A public transit strike directly affects the most wanting socio-economic layer of society... the people with the fewest options and the greatest need.
Everyone else can get sorted ... with varying degrees of success... I mean, I realize the transit strike affects several layers of the economic onion...
But the people who literally have to go without paychecks because they can't work, or lower income families that struggle with all manner of bills, and end up house-bound in homes and situations that anyone who is not or has never been poor cannot really imagine.
The business owners who have struggled against harsh economic times for years only to be ravaged when they're down by being completely cut off from their customers...
The list goes on...
But services to these people are not considered essential until someone is going to die, burn up, shoot a neighbor or have a limb hacked off.
Well... I say that you can only screw with people for so long before they freak'en crack.
Before they make bad choices that result in house fires... get drunk on cheep wine and fall down the front steps, loose their cool and blow a neighbor away, or figure they know how to operate a snow blower.
So AFTER they've screwed up, been hurt or initiated their own little world of chaos... we can help them with essential services.
God forbid that we should do anything silly like figure it was important... no, essential, to make sure their lives didn't turn to shit.
No ... it's way more important that a city council and mayor get to play tough guy with a greedy, anachronistic union that is just as hell bent on being a tough guy.

It is a hallmark of a functioning social democracy that it attends to the pressures of life and ensures that things don't boil over.
Public transportation should be an essential service and we should start trying to show a little respect for the people in our city that probably work sixteen times harder just to get by than every single person involved in deciding whether or not public transit should be considered essential.

~ okidoki... back to work. :)