January 27th, 2009


Tuesday, January 27

So seriously... enough already!!!
I was sooo amazingly dead when I woke up today... head like a bowling ball, body in complete denial and my jaw is just a mess.
I stayed home and tried to work for client #2...
But tomorrow, I have to be at client #1 early to be all perky and chipper.
Must wake at 4:00 and take strong medication.
After that... STRAIGHT BACK to bed. geezus... I'm truly getting sick of being sick.

I'm actually all "chilled"... and pretty sure I ought to be in bed.
So making lunches... polishing shoes... then to bed.

~ crap I pulled over my stuffed head after a shower...
~ oh... and the shower... sweet mercy. I'd could stand under the hot water all day.
~ filling out paperwork for a US tax return. Le sigh.
~ sorting through survey data for client #2...
~ blowing my nose.
~ had to go to cost-co... HAD to get more breath-rite strips. !!!! (fricking love the strips man...)
~ clean up and now it's now... I still got lunches to make.
~ to just send some warm thoughts out to uawildcatgrl... just 'cuz.
~ more for innerly and again... totally "just 'cuz".
~ and happy having a baby day tomorrow out to whatilove... I can just imagine the pictures.... :D

Elevin years ago today. :)
John Edward Andrew joined us after a very long night.
He's basking in the glow of his first iPod... (we got him a 2nd gen nano, so his would be the same as his brothers... - must manage the battle lines)
Oh and Z found him this "six shooter". It's a tv clicker. It can learn one command from your regular clicker. Then when you shoot it... it does... whatever.
So we're going to try "mute" first. :)

ok... I'm going to make a latte.
Latte is good for the zombie.

~ must get warm!