January 26th, 2009


Monday, January 26

Woke up dead.
Was a zombie.
Am a zombie.
zombie zombie.
Had to give another big presentation today... from 10 till noon.
Advil night-time extra strength cold caps joined me at bed time,
and this made waking up ... not so bad.
But the day was long.
Want brains.
The "show" went great... but work got immensely complicated after lunch.
I had not intention of staying after the "show".
But I didn't escape till 4...
More brains please...

Oh, and it's super fricking cold out again.
zombie cold. !
frozen brains please.

~ shuffle...
~ lurch...
~ extend both arms in front
~ walk about muttering about brains.
~ blow nose... much.
~ see man about horse.
~ oh look... brains.
~ I was healthy.... and not dead like zombie... runny nose zombie.
~ to send a VH5 out to gamer-chic-beyond-compare... danicia on the pirate zone. aRrrrrrRgggG!
~ that pasticcio enjoys her sigh-of-relief...
~ to smile about jjnslat happiness...
~ and for shoo ... to find patience.

My SIL pointed me to this...
It's only a couple minutes long.
And it's worth it.

I've been jonesing for feedback from this big honking application I submitted a couple of months ago.
Opened office email and there, in Outlook Position Two was a email from them... subject line "Your application... blah blah"
I got a chill and clicked it...
Turned out to be nothing except a notice to say "We're working on it..."
~ brains... more brains!!!!

k... I took some more cold caps, and I may just try and get to be dead early ... er... bed early...
~ peace. :D
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