January 25th, 2009


Sunday, January 25

Dinner last night... was wonderful. :)
The chicken kiev came out perfect... baked potatoes, broc's, big salad, big cake... :D :D
Dinning room table with three leaves in it... and the kitchen table... 16 people and everyone was full. :D

Oh, and I made a dozen lattes after dinner... (beams).

The whole night???? thanks in the main to Tylonal extra strength cold caps... hiding my symptoms but leaving me a bit foggy.

I woke up at 7:15 this morning... fully awake. :(
Got up and messed with my pc... putting a third sata drive in it...
Watched the second half of Aeon Flux. Nice story concept... and anything with Charlize is a treat to me. :)
(no seriously... number two on the planetary top five list... to my eyes)

~ eh... nothing.
~ cleaning up...
~ still being sick...
~ actually, I think I need to go to cost-co... :(
~ to send some good vibes out to teasdale... because I can't come over and have tea... but I can send you good vibes. :)
~ that pixiecup's wrist heals up fast...
~ for mentalconundrum to find the razor...
~ and to smile at the turn-of-life being lived by nbbmom

Birthday moments... from yesterday. :D
A very happy birthday to sassy_red_head... a new mom this last year... and balancing on the edge of her whole new life. :) May the year ahead keep you and your little family safe and healthy... And thank you for sharing. It's a treat. :D :D

The C.P.N.M. List o'replies... :D
~ and thanks for playing... :D :D
See [ :: this post :: ] for source and who-said-what... :D

Scroll on by.

~ use it!

That just doesn't scan.

~ have used it...

I googled you last night

~ very common

Google it.

~ d'uh

I grok it.

~ ever since I read "stranger in a strange land"... in Grade 10.

I can't go to bed. Someone on the interweb is wrong.

~ never... but ... cooo


~ lol

The dumb.

~ more lol

I can has.

~ was tempted to not include this... because ... I kill LOL cats...

Gooogle yourself

~ hehe... have done... let alone said

get your tweets outta my space.

~ dislike the tweet... dislike muchly

Brb, must reboot.

~ HA!


~ old skool

Step away from the keyboard

~ kinda old skool....

Drama Free Zone

~ total LJ




~ not to be confused with LMAOAFOTFRATIP

roflmao (especially when pronounced as a word outloud)

~ ?

"I read on wikipedia that ...."

~ word

You tank, he can heal, the rest of us will DPS.

~ ??

You offtank and handle cc when the add mobs aggro.

~ no really ??????????

I facebooked you.

~ not as fun a verb a google, but often more "results oriented".

I know you from facebook.

~ !

i'm taking you off my buddy/friend list

~ again... total LJ

and of course the: wtf, omg, lol, w00t

~ sigh... inescapable...

text me

~ !!!

Can I friend you?

~ the new emo

133t hax0rs

~ again... what?

Your relationship isn't real until it is confirmed on Facebook!

~ Big Bang Theory

I spent a few hours facebook-stalking this morning


"Generation Text"

~ word


~ old skool


~ better than e-breaking-up.

See you IRL

~ also known as "meatspace"

~ and now... I'm out. :)