January 20th, 2009


Tuesday, January 20

K... not horrible bazzing, but ... c-c-c-cold again.
s'ok... the garage door (electric motor / chain thing) totally does not work if it gets too cold... starts'n'stops... takes like five minutes to coax it down... well, the garage door still works with only one "stop start"... so it's not that cold.

Note to self: Remember to call the garage door guys...

DAMN YOU IPOD... I drove to work... pulled into my parking spot (sounds all yummi, but it's whatever wee space is left between the other cars and the mountains of snow), popped my ear beads in and put on a great song.
Turn things off, get out, get my stuff from the back seat... get my pass... closer 'er up, locker'er up, and then go to work.
Totally not hearing the beeeeeep beeeeep beeeeep beeeeeep of my car telling me the lights were still on. :( :( :(
Noticed when I headed off to 'bucks at lunch to listen to (watch) the inaug speech at starbucks on their wi-fi using the iphone and the "ustream" app... the link from Jamaica worked WAY better than CNN. :)
Called CAA (canadian AAA) when I got back to the office... why? Because my awesome jumper cables ... were in a box on the garage floor.
CAA said ... 90 minutes.
So three hours later I call and she reads me back the phone number she gave to the driver who apparently showed up on-time.
You know that recorded voice that says "This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes..."
So I tell her to check the recording of our last conversation and let me know how the whole quality control thing is doing.
I told 'em the right number... they wrote down the wrong one ... and she even double checked. Spaz.
Any ways... they finally got there at 5:10 to give me a boost and ... presto.
I'm home.
Geo is still too sick for swimming...
But not so sick that suz couldn't take him to his orthodontist appointment to get his retainer... wholly crap... upper and lower. He's not too terrifically pleased. lol... he'll get used to it. :)

~ planned the next three weeks of work with the boss, to get me properly shared between clients #1, 2 and 3.
~ which makes me feel a bit wobbly... 'cuz there's just sooo much to do. :(*
~ ah well...
~ that all'ya'all had some big fun today watching the new prez get his freak on. :)

Saw this on a friends page...she was making sure her twins were in on the big day. :)

~ and I loved it.

The silence... or better yet... the odd statements...
that come out of die-hard republicans when a GASP
democrat (let alone a minority) gets honked into
office with a GASP woman minister delivering the god bits...
It's just kind of humorous.
It's like there's an expectation that... I dunno... the sky is falling.
The barkers in DC should be handing out Obama shirts with one hand
and Chicken Little shirts with the other. :)

I'm pretty sure I just committed to make 16 chicken kievs on Saturday.
~ having both families over for Ed's birthday celebration.
He'll be turning 11 next week. :D

ps. The schools here... played the inauguration speech live for all the public school kids... at least at the school my guys go to. :)

~ k... I committed to doing some work for client #3 tonight... and I gotta get to it. :)
See ya.