January 16th, 2009


Friday, January 16

Still freez'en our collective asses off over here.
Going to take the boys to Swiss Chalet for dinner... or pick-up... whatever... I don't want to cook. :)

Feeling a little better...
Well, I wasn't feeling actually "bad" earlier... just dizzy.

~ black jeans... it's friday. :)
~ busy day at the get-go...
~ Geo didn't want to go to school because the heater in his class was broken... so they were all in coats, etc... yesterday. We called and they said the kids would be taking their day in the library (instructions... but move from class room to library)... we decided to let him stay home and nurse his cough instead. All that before I even made it to the showers!!
~ off to drive Ed to school... and then work like a fiend to get our report in to the big boss... which was done by noon.
~ start feeling dizzy around 10:30... kinda like a little buzz... no nausea, or headache... just trippy dizzy. ????
~ when we got the report in... I packed it up and headed for home... in case what ever is wrong gets worse. :(
~ now I'm just killing time at home on a friday afternoon and smiling with frothed milk on my lip.... I'm still dizzy. Not as much... but still. Tis a strangeness for true!!
~ take it easy tonight... 'cuz we're going out to a fancy-pants thing tomorrow night... the "company" (galactic core command ship) holds a christmas "gala" in January and drops the name "christmas" from it ... but I'm not fooled.
~ that her_whispers gets her photo-shop on... :)
~ that lisabella could unplug the phone...
~ and for innerly to bask in the glory of being... in just the right place,

George's speech.
Sorry but just 'cuz it's "end game" ... he doesn't get a magic pass.
He said (and I quote) "America did nothing to seek or deserve this conflict...".
The American megalith... hath no clue'eth.

The Police in Cornwall, Ontario have decided that it's a good idea
to put a sign that is about the same look'n'feel as a real-estate
"for sale" sign on the lawn of any house at which they execute a
drug related warrant. "Drug Warrant Executed Here"
(or something like that).
~ this is wrong on so many levels that it just boggles the mind.
Nobody is guilty of anything... and the sign goes up that brands
everyone at that address for LIFE.
And the sign??? WTF is that? If the cops put a sign on my lawn...
can I not just walk up to it, rip it out of the ground, take it in the
garage, close the door, shit on it, and then put it at the curb on
garbage day?
I realize that some brainiac in the Cornwall force figures this is
just a great way to let people know about massive horrific crack
lords living among them... but this has ABUSE OF POWER
tattooed all over it! "Well little Johnny-dime-bag... either you
come up with the name of someone at school who's into drugs...
or we're going to put a sign on your lawn."
What's next? Oh I know... a sign for the lawn of any cop who's
name appears on a IAD report about possible misconduct...
"Shitty Cop Lives Here!".
Holy freaking Bite Me moment.
Just... boggles.

Do you filter me out?
I hate it when I see a post...
Am incensed with an opinion...
Click to offer support and share the love...
And read "you are not authorized..."
After you fix your filter oops.
Truly... it just makes me wonder.


It's friday... so glad it's friday.
I just flipping love the weekends these days... :D