January 14th, 2009


January 13 ... sorta...

Very mild... very nice day.
But it was like the "calm before the storm" all day... with dire warnings of the super-cool days ahead.
The temperature is dropping ... alarmingly.
It's "The Day After Tomorrow" out there... brrrrr!
We've three days of a deeeeep freeze in hand.
I'll be wearing snow pants in the car tomorrow.

~ no tie... nice sweater. :)
~ super busy day...
~ but a good meet with two co-worker dudes at The Church of Buck...
~ work! very!
~ home to do a quick dinner thing and then off with Geo to swim class.
~ oh... and I've hyphenated each transition with a little laté... awesome!!!!
~ it's tomorrow already... and we're watching Leverage... first quiet moment of the day.
~ for indianasweetie to catch a break... one she can help family out with...
~ for time to smell a few roses...

Birthday Bonanza moments...
Happy birthday shebear... may there be baskets of fun in store...
And annietopia Happy birthday little sugar... and may there be vampire dreams a'plenty.
Happy birthday venusrising... and big props for hitting the best years of your life with a smile on your face. (you = lots of rock'en)
And to semi-long-lost phej ... happy birthday yo! May there be new and curious reasons to experience art.

Bus Strike Comment:
Used to be that we just said ... "Don't blame the drivers... it's the Union."
Well that's all over.


Wednesday, January 14

Hola... And holy freaking cold!!!

~ again... No tie. :)
~ I even tried the unticked shirt hanging out below sweater thing but I caved and tucked before my big presentation.
~ drive the boys to school so they don't havecto freeze on the bus...
~ get to work and do the giant presentation that was postponed before Xmas... The director general (big boss chick) was there and it went.... great. :)
~ oh and I put on a slow cooker (pork loins) before I left for work.
~ that I had some time to read my FPs

Nortel filed for protection from their creditors.
That is just fucking amazing...

Ristretto (wikipedia): (also called a "corto") is a very short shot of espresso coffee.
~ I'd never heard that before :)

~ dig this wicked cool thing ... I bought z a special tea pot with a glass difuser thing and it came with a few of these "tea flower balls". That's one on the counter to the right of the tea pot... The flower "bursts out" within seconds of pouring the hot water on it... wicked cool. :)

~ k... See you soon :)