January 12th, 2009


Monday, January 12

Yeah... just took that picture... to replace the magnificently
dorky serial killer look I had on the pic from this morning. :)

Gorgeous day... but (as expected) all kinds of busy in client land.
It's like a vast ocean of work for me to do...
and I have to just pick the one small eddy that I'm going to work with...
There's endless eddies.

~ up to get the boys off to school... and not be out the door seconds behind them... :D
~ left home at 8:15, and was at work by 8:30. Not quite as good at teleworking... (walking from the kitchen to the living room = commute) - but still ... it beats the living crap out of a two hour drive... just beats it down, and then steps on it... stomp stomp stomp...
~ pizza for dinner... (Monday's are z's "free day" - BFL folks will understand that... :D)
~ sigh and feel stupidly helpless as we try to navigate the almost endless arguments-over-nothing that boys get into...
~ play guitar hero's with Geo...
~ read to Ed at bed time (re-reading "The Magicians Nephew")
~ now? It's now... and I gotta go make lunches...
~ and I want to go watch a show before it gets too late...
~ my friend, the nerd-veet... er... nerdular... was here to give a big ol'hug to set things right.
~ and that sodiumbisulfite... doesn't waste away with all this free time...

This is what's making me very happy lately... or should I say Laté'ly. :D
(ahhhhhh... thump)

Crazy baby... crazy...

Do, or do not.
There is no try.

~ can you dig it?
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