January 11th, 2009


Sunday, January 11

~ just finished up a newsletter. :D

Had a nice day yesterday... but it's just sooooo wicked cold. :(

Consumerism worked well with early morning groceries... all done and packed away by noon.
Made chicken soup last night... More on this in a second... :)

~ emailing everyone in my neighborhood... to send them the new (just finished) Newsletter.
~ going to my folks house ... time for a short visit and a few more "tech" lessons.
~ making fish... (Talipia) for dinner... but our first course is gonna be chicken soup!
~ for angryvixen to... get a good nights sleep....
~ and to point out that smooshiefaceinc... is the lovely smooshiefaceinc...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to the talented... stunning... and all around bowl-of-sugar... dinkydo. Have a wonderful year DeeDee and I hope the many adventures of 2008 bring all kinds of smiles to you this year. It's been a very long road from the first few moments we shared when you and LJ were new friends... when we were new friends... and I am well and truly pleased to still have a thread that reaches out to where you are. :)
Happy birthday jenlovefl2003 ... I hope the year ahead rewards you for the effort you have to make to restart the life interrupted. You are a wonderful young woman... and you deserve a little sugar. :) Have a sweet year.

I know there's cool places to go for recipes... great shows on how-to make awesome food.
But a lot of my friends (her in La La land) don't seem to have a clue... or maybe are just stunningly lazy. :D :D
So let me take another moment to tell you about more EASY FOOD.
When you're in the grocery store... buy a chicken.
A dead, plucked, cleaned, wrapped, ugly little chicken.
It doesn't have to be big... and it should cost about 10 - 15$
It goes in your fridge... !!!
The day you buy it, or the next day... COOK IT.
Here's how hard it is...
Unwrap it.
Wet a clean cloth and wipe it off.
Put it in a pan (not a cookie sheet... you need "edges").
Maybe put a little butter on it... (like a tablespoon you spread around...)
Put some foil over it... if you have any... if you don't... don't sweat it.
Put the pan in the oven at 350 for next three hours ... if it's bigger... maybe four hours.
DONE. Awsome delicious, juicy, yummi chicken.

Now... because you're a complicated person... Live a little.
Did you notice that big hole in the middle of the chicken? Under the legs that are all tied up?
I skin and wash a few big honking carrots and shove them in the middle of the chicken, and put a bit of foil over the opening.
Really. Yummi carrots when it's all said and done.
After the first hour... open up the oven and put a few washed potatoes in the pan with the chicken.
You could leave the whole (baked potatoes) or cut them up... s'up to you.

See all that stuff in the bottom of the pan? It's called "drippings" (technical jargon)
Pour it into a pan... and start heating it on the stove...
In a little bowl, mix a teaspoon of flour with a half a cup of water...
Pour it into the "drippings" and stir this like mad... If you have whisk... all the better.
Five minutes later... you have GRAVEY. :D

Cut off the legs for junior... chop off the breasts for delicious chicken... the wings are juicy and yumm.
But in the end... there's a big honking chicken with it's legs and arms cut off on the counter.
Cut off all the rest of the chicken... put it in the fridge and make awesome chicken salad sammiches tomorrow!!!
If you have a biggish pot... (I bought a big pot called a "dutch oven" forever ago... and it never stops being useful)
Put a couple of liters of water in it... plunk the rest of the chicken in it, bones, icky bits... everything.
Add one peeled potato. Add one peeled carrot.
Salt... pepper...
Low heat... and leave it covered for the next many hours (five... more... all evening).
Just before bed... turn it off... scoop out the chicken... try to salvage the bits that are chicken, versus the bones and stuff...
Chuck the crap and toss the chicken back in.
Cover it again and if it's cold where you are... put it in the garage over night.
(or in a fridge if you have the space).
Tomorrow... ? It will have hardened fat along the top... you can scoop that off and toss it away.
Everything else will be kind of thick and jelly like...
Toss it all in a blender and blend...
SERIOUSLY... delicious chicken soup!!!
Cook some little noodles, add them, warm it all up... and presto.

One 14$ chicken... dinner... a couple of lunches and a big ol'pot of yummi soups.
And nobody told you to "dice fresh parsley" or anything ... :D

Looking forward to work tomorrow... short commute. :D

See ya soon.