January 9th, 2009


Friday, January 9

It's mighty cold today...

The dick-heads (aka Transit drivers) voted against the city offer... so the transit strike continues.
I think I need to make a picket sign and go picket city hall.
And I honestly don't think I live in a stupid city... so what gives?

The commute wasn't too bad today. :D :D
But I do live in a government town and it's a Friday. So... go figure.

~ all dressed up... even on a friday... at a government office no-less... so, of course, I either look overdressed and dorky... or gorgeous. :) LOL
~ by the time I find my way home again... and post this... I will most definitely be in black jeans and a tee. :)
~ LAST official interview for this contract was this morning. (I still have one to sort out next week or so... but likely "on the phone" because dude is just NOT HERE this week. :(
~ present preliminary findings to the client today... and if she smiles... I go away and write reports and do lots of smiling myself. :) :D :D
~ going to drop by my BFFs house on the way home... er... well, it's not-at-all "on m way" but that's ok... he's loaning me the espresso machine he just replaced with one of those crazy expensive POD systems.
~ rent a movie on the way home!!!!!!!! must check BB to see what's out there.
~ for a little mouse I know... to get to the "own it" stage... 'cuz then she can put it to rest.

a escoba nueva siempre barre bien.
But don't be fooled muchachos...

ps. one of my top-ten spanish words so far... "siempre".
my mouth loves to say it.
yes I know... but you've always known I'm a bit off. :)
One of my interviewee's this week... her french last name is "Sirois" [ Cere (long rolling "r") whaas (barely saying the "s" at the end) ]
I could say that name fifty times a day and never get tired of it.
It's all about how much a treat for my mouth the words are... what they mean... is just extra. :D

~ k... gonna go watch a movie . :D