January 7th, 2009


Wednesday, January 7


Lots and lots of snow.


~ now? black jeans, white tee and a red... something... I want to say sweatshirt, but my mental image of a sweatshirt is bulkier than this.
~ before? yeah... this is crazy-week in the land of work... it's all about the shirts and ties.
~ up stupid early... because they told me it was going to snow... and I had to had to had to be at work for 8:30.
~ I got there at 9:00. Frick'ing idiot drivers... Seriously... peeps should all just stay home and leave the road to me. lol.
~ I called at 8:00... after being on the road for an hour... to tell 'em there was no way.
~ three 2 hour interviews, an hour long con-call, crash course in the clients document management app and sending out three sets of minutes. blink blink... day is GONE.
~ a lllllllong 2 hour drive home.
~ it's still snowing.
~ the kids anticipate a snow day tomorrow... because the bus drivers are pussies and don't want to risk driving over any kids at bus stops... chickens. (yes... I'm kidding... sheesh)
~ clean up the breakfast disaster... make an awesome dinner (super delicious chops in red sauce on rice, with brown sugared carrots, and a sweet/peanut sauce sizzled skillet of shrimp and yellow peppers...
~ shovel the walks... and be slug on the sofa with a lap top... oh wait... play guitar hero for a bit... then be the slug. :)
~ that zaxwrit doesn't regret her rash mentalist decision... :D
~ for the always and forever lovely sirenity... to get past the "start up pain" and finds her way to the loving-every-minute-of-it stage. :D
~ and that the traveling man (seanyoda) gets home safe and sound. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday the_bean... may the year ahead not only treat you with the respect you deserve... but tickle you a little and make you scream with laughter. ;)

~ getting very excited for Oblam-a's inaug day. :)

It is very confusing to figure out who or what to believe... about the LJ thing.
Folks "plugged in" come out with very informed posts... that span the vast range of possibilities. From nothing to everything.

Aand for those of you on my list - and I know there's quite a few - who have no clue...
a) you're prol'y not reading this anyways... but
b) Lj is owned by SUP, a Russian company... they bought it from SixApart who bought it off the founders. K? So SUP laid off half the staff in LA. No big on it's own... but the economics of social networking "adventure ownership" (which is quite different from Venture Capitalism) are not good right now and some news items gave the community reason to worry about the not-distant-future-of-LJ.

There's all kinds of info out there that says... "don't worry".
And I respect that...
But ... It's also a losing proposition to listen to anyone saying "don't worry".

So I'm saying... if you give a crap... then worry.
A) If I'm wrong... you worried for nothing and now you have a back-up of your LJ and have checked out a few other blogging sites... go you.
B) If I'm right... you have a back-up of your LJ and have checked out a few other blogging sites... go you!
C) If they're wrong (hence, I'm right) and you listen to them... you will be hosed if you actually wanted a backup or wished you'd had the chance to ask your friends for their email addresses.

google "Lj Archive". Install it... run it... go to bed. Wake up tomorrow... with a backup of your Lj. :D

Clearly useless to those that don't care about their content. But I know a lot of you that do care. :)
So there you go.
* ps... LJ makes a fortune in revenue. It's not going anywhere.

I will be very seriously sad if I lose touch with you!