January 6th, 2009


Tuesday, January 6

Beautiful sunny day... although I can't see it... because I live in an ugly dead-pink-baffled-cubicle with two other random consultants.... and no windows... no links to the great outdoors. :(

Ah well.... life is not always super fair.

~ all dressed up for work.
~ big teleconference in the morning... went well. The other three presenters were not available so my second-to-last-place on the agenda because Item #2, thankyouverymuch. Sigh. But that's done and now I'm waiting for the big show I have to do at 2:30. This one is "in person"... no conference call.
~ home to make fish for dinner... and take Geo to swimming lessons... (suz took Ed to his last night. :D)
~ package up a christmas gift "return" that has to find it's way back to California. :(
~ to say that I'm very pleased to read nightvixen's lumppy findings...
~ and to wax poetically about how lovely lindalee_ is... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my dear friend teasdale. Happy birthday Nancy... may this year unfold with gentle hands, careful love and patient health. I save a caring moment for you in every one of my days... and today I'm sending those thoughts to you with lots of love and many hopes for you.
Happy birthday to you sugar-wine... er... duhneese. May the year keep your loved ones well, and wrap you in a happiness that lets you enjoy loving them.

I’m very disappointed in the news media for the way they are going on and on about Israel’s aggression into Gaza. It’s like this big investigation into the possibility that Israel has targeted non-military targets. Are you freaking kidding me?
I am – generally speaking – no fan of Israel. But thinking Israel sucketh … is no reason to overlook the ridiculous situation going on here.
First of all … The Hamas militants in Gaza are shooting BOMBS (rockets) into residential neighborhoods of Israel. You know how this works? They shoot a rocket … or a mortar … and record the coordinates used for the shot. If the news reports that a house was hit … they save those coordinates. Israelis will never move back into a house that has been hit by a mortar … because it will likely be hit a second time.
Now it doesn’t matter why the Gaza Punks are shooting at Israel … if you feel it’s important then you can’t stop there. You’ll have to go back and forth with the “they did this to retaliate for that, which was a retaliation for this other thing … which was a retaliation for … blah blah blah blah blah blah” until a dradle pops out of your nose.
NO… It doesn’t matter why … all that matters is that a group with tremendous popular, social and political support throughout Gaza is in charge of and executing a military / terrorist action against Israel. Meanwhile, Israel is surrounded by vast countries lead by zealots that gather crowds of hundreds-of-thousands to sing the “death to Israel” songs.
Imagine if some border town in Mexico decided to host a group of thugs that were sending ground to ground missiles into Texas. And the thugs? They hole up in residential houses beside schools and stuff. Exactly how long do you think those rockets would fly before Uncle Sam reduced that town to a smoking hole of carbon molecules? A day? A week? How about after a month? Or after the town Mayor publicly said “We love our Thugs … look at the good work they’re doing?” and a year of rockets into Texas? Two years? Ten years?
So, back to the middle east … Israel is nuts… just look at their security fence. The Palestinians also total whack jobs. These guys have been going at it for a very very long time. The best efforts of global super powers to garner peace … has been nothing but abject failures.
Still the rockets fly.
So what the hell? I don’t have to love Israel to know that it only makes sense for them to say “Screw Gaza … we’re going in and we’re going to put a stop to the rockets.”
Now the international community comes in and wants Israel to stop. Why? So Gaza can gather their wounded and stock up on new supplies to keep the rockets flying? It’s what they say they want to do. They have a myriad of tunnels from Gaza to Egypt … which they use to bring in weapons. They could be bringing in medical supplies or fuel or food … but no. Israel is supposed to arrange for the guys sending rockets into their residential neighborhoods to get food and fuel.
There is no end to this without one side or the other delivering a decisive blow and yes … civilians are going to get hurt … just like they have been getting hurt for the last forty years.
Why is it suddenly not acceptable for the more powerful political and military force to overcome the less powerful? I mean... if this is bad, then what the hell do you call the entirty of human history? How come it's so bad now and only for them? Holy freaking hypocrite...
“Oh but there are Canadians living in Gaza …”
Yeah? And …. What? Because a few Canadians choose to live in Rocket Land we should all be willing to let the rockets fly for the next several days … weeks … months … decades?
Screw that.
Sorry … but I’m more than sick of watching the news try and tell me that Israel is doing some horrible thing … while the rockets keep flying.

Are you ready for LJ to vanish?
Yeah, I know... "Don't panic".
Have you backed up your journal? (If you care…)
The end is in sight. Maybe not tomorrow... but the cyrillic writing is on the wall.
I don't know when, but I have no doubt that the pinko-commi-bastards are going to pull the plug.
Meanwhile… legions of FREE Lj users will complain about banner ads they never click on and bitch about service. I’ve always been a paid user because I felt it was a reasonable compensation for something I use so much. Now that I’m a permanent account holder (thank you my friends!!!) I have even more reason to sit back and hang my head.
Six-Apart may be counting their money… but anybody that actually thinks “social networking web space” is a waste of bandwidth… is just someone that isn’t watching the horizon. Social networking is the last great landscape for personal computers. And the real winner will be the company that hangs on long enough to be the player on the field with the best cake when everyone realizes it’s worth paying for.
And they will.
At least – I guess – the money wont all be going to fund Russian bot makers.

We watched "Being Erica" last night.
I enjoyed it... it was a "premie" so there's lots of room for them to improve acting styles and all the new faces getting comfortable... but the bottom line (for me) was that the story is a great idea and the directors are willing to make the show with overt sexual references. I'm good with that. :D

~ :)

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~ can you imagine how hard LJ is getting hit by "journal back-up" programs right now? I'm amazing the system hasn't crashed. lol (wouldn't that be heartening...)

~ It occurs to me that a labour strike affecting public transportation is well and truly an elitist manifestation of power's pathetic side. The only lever at play in such a dispute is slowly breaking back of societies hardest working and most poorly paid demographic. It sickens me to see that kind of power exercised by people so undeserving... so ill-equipped to bring wisdom and responsibility to the table. (cross posted in ottawa)