January 4th, 2009


Sunday, January 4

It's been cold this weekend... sunny for the most part but darn cold.
We had a bit of a shop yesterday... suz hunting down bargains on nice christmas stuff at Pier One and me returning another set of in-ear-canal-headphone (IECH) then getting groceries. And then spent the evening taking apart christmas and putting it back in large green and red bins. Not actually done that part yet... but getting closer.

Tomorrow is back to the real world.
I had wanted to take three weeks... but things are too mental at work, so I'll snag another week in Feb. :D

We're just back from skating at the pond up the street.

~ planned on getting up before 10.
~ sucked at that plan. :)
~ laze about all day... go skating... clean something ...
~ and then go out to dinner. :D (we're going to East Side Mario's...)
~ watch more corner gas tonight??? maybe. We got Geo the DVDs... and, of course, we're all enjoying them.
~ to smile and wave at pookfreak... it's so nice to see friends show up out of the blue. :D
~ for mylifeasamom to have much better dreams...
~ that echtakrome can just be herself on Tuesday...
~ and to boldly point out my "allyn jealousy"... I've had it for years... very good natured... and it's um... recently ramped up a notch. :D

Birthday moments...
A very very happy birthday to cerulean_me... may this new year keep you, your next-pending-little-nugget, and all of your family safe and happy. I hope you have a wonderful day.
To wish happy birthday to ventusfelina... may there ever be time for more of your 365 moments... but mostly... I hope for there to be good and true comfort in your heart. A lovely birthday ... for a lovely woman.
And to krzy... I hope you're finding all kinds of good ways to celebrate your day and that the pending year treats you with great kindness.

You know those tall, narrow champaign glasses... flutes... yeah, those. Hate them.
They're a total bitch to wash by hand and ... they do not play well with dishwashers. You haul them out of the cupboard for new years eve and first thing you have to do is wash them... by hand (and maybe you have smaller hands than I do... - and I have tiny hands - but otherwise... ug)... then use them... to say "weeee happy new years" clink clink clink... then the next morning... back to the hand washing. I almost feel like it would be sensible to just put them away dirty... seeing as I'm going to have clean them on the way out of the cupboard again next year. Actually, it would be "sensible" to use them for target practice.
You know those other champaign glasses... low, and very wide... good-stackers-for-pouring-champaign fountains... yeah those.
Totally dig those. :) Easy to clean and fun to play with.
Bottom line: Flutes blow. :)

One of my christmas gifts ... was a box... of jersey milk chocolate bars.
whole box.... thank you Cost-Co.
I don't tend to binge... in fact, I never binge.
It's the hallmark of my snacking-personality and along with my desire to actually go outside and do things...
It's a key to my not being overweight. Moderation is the key for me.
So this box... will last a long long time. :D
(as long as I hide it...)