January 2nd, 2009


Friday, January 2

Been skiing.
It was snowing all day... fluffy slow snow...
Which means the temps would be ok.
~ beams with happiness.

~ Up early to help z get off to an early gym appointment. (she goes to a "trainer session" three times a week, and on her own three times... I go with maybe twice a week. :D)
~ back to bed briefly... then dragging the kids out of bed by 9:30... then 8:30 tomorrow... getting them turned back around before Monday-return-to-school-day.
~ go skiing all afternoon with Geo... while Ed and Z go shopping.
~ now it's now... no plans except to make dinner.
~ a little vh5 for bramey and the land of the happy potty. :)
~ that 1ginacolada enjoys the magic of morphing pizza into milk.... well, everything into milk actually. :D
~ and that dinkydo remembers to clean the sheets after eating that batter.
Birthday moments...
Happy birthday brak55... I hope the year ahead keeps you safe and gives you good things to write about. :)

John Travolta... renowed not only for his amazing movie career (let alone the early days as Vinny) is also an outspoken member of the fake religion SLASH tax sheltering organization called The Church of Scientology. They (Scientologists) do not believe in treating mental illness with medication. Autism is a form of mental illness to scientologists.
John's son, Jett, died. Sixteen years old... likely was autistic and definitely had irregular seizures.
Alone in a vacation condo... he hits his head in the bathroom, likely having a seizure that he could have NOT BEEN HAVING HAD HE BEEN PROPERLY MEDICATED.
I don't feel sorry for John.
Not a bit.
I feel very sorry for the suffering Jett experienced in life, but there's no sense feeling sorry for the dead. Their dead.
So yeah... how's that scientology working for you now? oh yeah... the giant clams are coming to get you.
Your space alien leader "Zenu" would be soooo proud.

Dear dawna:
You are beautiful... and valuable... and absolutely lovely.
You have given of yourself selflessly ... and you have held
fast to positive vibes and a remarkable attitude.
Tomorrow is your birthday... but I want to jump-the-gun
and let you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing for
you the very greatest success in pushing yourself towards
some life goals that will make the road ahead more easily
traveled. It is my good fortune to have you as a friend...
and I just wanted to be sure you knew that. :)
You are important...
You are loved. :D

Ottawa public transportation ... still on strike. 21 days?