January 1st, 2009


Thursday, January 1

Day 1
Whole new year.
So I ask myself... as I look over my Fp's or (gasp) dive into the Faces, or self-portraits community,
and see the apparently omni-present "Project 365" efforts...
Shall I embark on a ninth 365?
'cuz ... you know, not to cut it all with too fine a blade... but I'm the freak'en 365-god-father.
Although I'm not overly fat, with slicked back hair, cuff-links, a cigar and in charge of a bunch of ginny thugs.
But that's beside the point.
I have put a picture on deck almost every single day for the last eight years.
So I ask myself again... do I go for nine?

And then I answer myself... because there's really nobody else in the room to answer me...
yup. :)

I will continue to suck at keeping up with my Fps but I'll do my best...
Just like I always do.
Except the times when I'm totally slacking...
Then I'll suck.
And in return... I'll ask for nothing.
Just like I always do.
Except the times when I do actually ask for something...
Then we'll see who sucks. :D


~ sleep till eleven, after a terrible experience at around 4:45 when I woke up with a full on ALL GUNS BLAZING migraine from plan nine that had me crawling to the can making gurgling noises. I found my way into the cupboard under the sink where I keep my med kit with the imitrix. I don't keep it in the proper cupboard because ... when I need it... crawling is usually much more preferred to standing up. I ended up "propped up in bed" inching towards relief that finally came at about 6:30. Then boom... fall over asleep, till 11.
~ Now? no plans except to go to the gym with suz.
~ I think we should maybe rent a movie...

Birthday moments...
A rather late... but better late than never...
Birthday wish out to shannihilation... So what are you? Twenty-five now? :D May their be continued rewards in your life for investing belief. I hope you have a lovely year ahead sugar-shan... and that you find your darn camera! :)

So we had the fams over for dinner... well sort of.
MIL was here for dinner and one set of BIL/SIL on suz's side showed after my SIL finished the "Resolution Run" (google it... a 5 or 10 k run on NYE).
So we had wwwwwwwway too much food but we all fit at the dining room table. :)
We all gathered to watch the Can / US hockey game... (canada wins 7 - 4) and then we watched the new Wallace & Gromit.
This got us all close enough to the witching hour to crack the sparkling wine... and I had two freaking sips so I refuse to believe the migraine was related.
But it was nice to ring in the NY here... at home, making it all hospitable to family.
I want to do it again next year... maybe invite a few friends too... :D
(eye spy a possible tradition...)

I resolve to spend 2009 being myself.
Which is far superior to spending a year trying to be someone I'm not.

See ya.