Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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a last word... er... well whatever... :)

and zing... the day is done.

Time to file my nails as I drive the happy homeward highway...
I love this song... btw...

There is an advert running in the papers around here... it's from some pinko dipshit organization promoting "normal marriages".
"We believe in families..." and there's a picture of some actors lined up to look like a family ...

What bleeding, pathetic hypocrites...

If you believed in Family, then you'd stop espousing a belief that denies such a huge part of our population the opportunity to gather with his or her family and celebrate what could be the most joyous day of their lives...

But no... they go off quoting the bible and talking about the "natural" way of things...
They make me sick.
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