December 26th, 2008


Friday, December 26

Had a very busy day yesterday... :) but today is all about just kick'en back.

Want to play with video stuff...
it always comes out so-so... but it's always always fun to make something. :)

The weather has gone and got-all-weird. It's cold now... cold 'nuf to freeze everything... but it was raining yesterday... and it's s'posed to rain again this weekend.
With Geo getting over his cold and the weather... It's looking like Monday would be the earliest ski day...

~ a new hoodie. :)
~ oh man... so much of nothing.
~ drove to futureshop... imagined standing in a line... then imagined playing at home instead. :D I wasn't into the "line".
~ pasta for dinner... puttering with cleaning up the christmas freakout... :)
~ oh, watched Dr. Who... New christmas special... debut of the new season... :D :D :D
~ that rini is doing wonderfully... !!
~ I had an opportunity to find my way to the east end to borrow a coffee maker... must make a call...
~ that murflegirl finds her way to family and good times..
~ and to thank all the friends that have posted family pics this christmas. Totally the best parts of blogging and christmas. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday noooooooooooooooooooorm. :) (thetech). May the new year keep you healthy and happy... and give you time enough to write.
and to evil... happy birthday ... all the best for the new year too... and for you? A wish for time to draw. :)

I hope there's a little sunshine. :)