December 21st, 2008


Sunday, December 21

Yesterday was pretty much consumerism day...
Farm Boy for fruits and vegetables.
Blockbuster and rented wall-E (was cute! Loved "Burn-E")
Loblaws for dairy ('cept milk), fish, breads and all that "inner-grocery-store" stuff...
Cost-co for meat and milk...
And then finally home.
Spend an hour and a half cleaning out fridge and pantry and putting everything away.

Had a nice dinner... Tilapia. Four fillets... breaded on in this great fish breading... (1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs, 1/2 cupt corn meal, 1/2 cup bread crumbs..) and put that in the over for Zeee... then cut the other fillets up into ... well, pretty much "sticks". Dude... tilapia is really easy to mess with... not slimy, firm... any ways... rice and yellow beans. Was yummy.

Edward is on the mend...
Geo has the sore throat now.

Oh, and it's snowing...
In fact... it's snowing-to-beat-the-band.
Big ass snow.
Bus strike... 4 days before christmas...
And endless snow.
Retailers must be so pleased.

~ nothing.
~ well, ok ..."Make kifli". I made the dough last night... so we'll make cookies tonight. :)
~ other than that... no plans.
~ I COULD FIND MY SANTA HAT... grrrr... we have two g-g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous santa hats. We had them out for a parade earlier in the month but it rained and we didn't go... now? I can't find 'em. !! :( (still looking!)
~ that raylenetaskoski keeps making memories like todays...
~ for cynica to get a... close shave.
~ and that the lovely earthgoddess gets all that cleaning done! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'thinktink... may the year ahead keep you safe, happy and healthy... and I hope santa brings you a Wii. :)
Happy birthday mz'Mel (mellusions). I hope you have a lovely day and get to play with people that love you dearly.
and a very happy birthday wish out to Sugar-ang... my little miss indianasweetie... I truly hope this next year gets things to swirl together for you and that you get to bask in some "warm glow" time.

Note to world of Wii gamers.
Lots of disappointment in store when they translate "cool" games (like snowboarding, skateboards, war, etc.) from Playstation to Wii.
I categorically love the Wii... just don't expect much when the games are ports over from PS.
Example: the Sean White Snowboarding game is filled with open-ended interactions, bizarre options (ski-do!), and lifelike characters - all according to the advertisements and Geo's friends talking at school. In contrast... the same game on the Wii... well, he "finished it" the night he got it.

Totally (finally) figured out to make iTunes and "album art" my bitch last night.
It is good.

So here's the thing with Ed.
No matter what it is... when I say "enough", he has a mental imperative to have just one more or a moment more or another or whatever but most definitely not stopping right now this second this moment because this is when I said enough.

~ ok... of to make happy with Christmas moments... I think I'll plan dinner. :) ... must phone brother...