December 14th, 2008


Sunday, December 14

Got up kinda early... 8:30... and wandered around cleaning up and puttering, all decked out in my housecoat with a mug of coffee attached to my hand. :)
Everybody else was so content to sleep, I put off the "wakes everyone up" shower until about 10:00.
Now the boys are arguing in Ed's room and suz is making her breakfast...

Soon... the sunday morning ski days will be starting.
And that brings me big smiles... I want to range-forth a little more creatively this year and not just go to the same hills... :)
There's several ski hills in our neck of the woods... :)

~ planning? yeah... it's a sunday and I'm not really living any "plans".
~ although... Geo has squash tonight... and I would like to make a nice dinner... hmm maybe tacos?
~ that ayoub enjoyed... enjoys... his day-of-putter...
~ for zaxwrit to enjoy the very same thing...
~ that mentalconundrum... is fine... for the time being
~ and that twilightsm gets un-burried soon...


~ the correct shoes to wear to a christmas party...
no matter how dressed up the rest of me has to be. :)

Geo's voice is changing.
It's marvelous and ... makes me feel a bit older.

we have to decide where to put up our christmas tree... ;)
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