December 10th, 2008


Wednesday, December 10

So it snowed all night... and the radio was telling us it was a snow day because all the buses were too pussy to drive in the snow.
The kids were pleased. :)

Meanwhile, it's a beautiful day... ruined only by the fact that the local public transit authority (OC Transpo) went on strike last night.
So the snowy road were nothing short of a freak show today with all the cars and pedestrians.

I'm sooooooo happy I'm back at client #1 this week (10 minutes from home... although that was a solid Hour today). Client #2 is downtown and across a bridge... which would have taken all day today.

~ wake up... and call the 1-800-is-our-building-open-yet number...
~ listen to radio... and find out if kids are going to school or if it's a snow day...
~ work work work...
~ lunch with team from galactic core
~ meet with a sales rep dude from the galactic core
~ to send a few positive waves out to ossie... a good heart lives there...and it's worth a few good waves. :)
~ for tonya to find a better way to cope...
~ that militantmomma settles for what's done ...
~ and that celtic_bairn finds her tonka.

Do you watch Oprah?
No really...
Ok, so do you know what her "My Most Favorite Things" episode is???
LOL... like, last year, around christmas, she has a My Most Favorite Things episode and people angle FOR THE WHOLE YEAR to be able to score tickets to that episode. "Why?" you ask? Well because it's freaking Oprah, that's why. Last year everybody went home with a new fridge that had a tv built into the fridge door.
So I mention this because... this years "Most Favorite Things" episode was dedicated to the hard times falling on all of us, so her "favs" were all things you could do for under a dollar, or whatever. I'm talking decorative recycled boxes here...
Can you just freaking imagine how disappointed the audience was? Dude...

The Amalgamated Transit Workers Union... can go fuck themselves.
These are the same bus drivers who freaking refuse to announce stops because ... they just don't feel like it.
These are the same sexist pig bastards that stop for the pretty girl racing for the bus stop... and flip the bird to the rest of us...
These are the same self rightious SOBs that flaunt the highway traffic act because they think "working on the road" means the rules don't apply to you.
And they go on strike on December 10.
In the middle of a recession... during the hardest economic times in a lifetime.
And they want to screw all the little people over to get their contract benefits like "Drivers get to tell management when they will work..."
Know a bus driver? Got a middle finger?
Show it to him.

Day Six.
Honestly... it's supposed to be getting easier.
I could go for some of that "easier" part... any time... soon... ok?

~ see ya.

Amazing Race 13 Finale

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season is OVER

Thank the Gods!!!

And they're off... on the final leg of this seasons game. Honestly… it’s been quite a log of fun. The kids bail on the land of cheap vodka and make their way to Portland to play the final games for the one million dollar prize.

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~ the number and nature of on-line, interactive, and actually useful web destinations dedicated to Lego... is almost mind boggling.

~ political cartoon artists across this great land are sharpening their pens and pencils and smiling once again. Enter Michael Ignatieff.

~ tread carefully when making a post viral... even if it looks like she's missing.