December 9th, 2008


Tuesday, December 9

~ can you see it?

Ok... I'm fuk n'ing freezing...
Yes we have a furnace... and it's actually about 20 in the house.
But I've been FREEZING for three days... constantly needing a bigger sweater or to wrap up in a blanket.
Otherwise... I'm feeling fine. No flu... no cold... just no-god-damned-smokes, and a blanket 'cuz I'm freezing!

Day Two of the lock out... my "client #1" work site is closed again today. (gas - freon? - leak in building)
It's also a big big snow day... not enough by day break to stop the busses but it's snowing to beat the band right now and it'll be some big thick snow by the end of the day. :)

~ ok, jeans, a tee and a big sweater too.
~ working from home on a snowy snowy snowy day.
~ write a brief note about Amazatron Race...
~ watch "The Big Bang Theory" on my iphone
~ make salmon for dinner...
~ that nola_misty finds a buyer...
~ for bondas to continue getting the rewards from being a teacher... (a "worlds greatest profession" candidate for certain!!)
~ and that pixiecup was world famous and rich... sigh. She certainly has the skills to be rich and the "appearance" of a famous person...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to fallingforward... a woman that has made a real difference in my life. From art work she prepared for my little Edward, to small artistic favours or big giant geeky favours... from great advice and wonderful arguments... she is just ... the real deal. And I miss you. I hope all is well and that you are finding the chance to enjoy your birthday. Have a lovely year. (oops... I hope you're feeling better asap!!!)

Have you ever heard a woman say...
"Why do I keep gaining weight? I'm cutting way back on snacks... I'm working out regularly... but but but..."
~ and then she explodes in a fit of frustrated estrogen?
Let me give you an answer:
If you're overweight and have had bad eating habits...
and if you don't make your metabolism work in a new way...
You will always get the worst from the foods you eat.
If you're serious about wanting to change...
Then start by eating breakfast between 7-9, lunch between 11:30 - 12:30 and dinner between 5:30 - 7:00.
Eat sensible portions and sensible foods... eat a protein, a veg and keep the carbs down. AT EVERY MEAL
Eat a snack mid morning, mid afternoon and in the evening. Make one a fruit, another a veg and the third what-ever-the-hell-you-want.... just not a whole box of 'em.
Exercise every day... just a 15 - 20 minute cardio thing...
Work Out your muscles three times a week. 20 - 60 minutes of actually pushing yourself.
Your metabolism will treat you like a fat person if you don't teach it a new way to do business with you.

My christmas list (Suz asked for a list... so the boys know what to get...) includes a couple of older Shakira cd's... spanish... and yes, I already have DLs of all the songs... but it would be nice to have the CDs... and to support the process. I DL... if I like it... I will invest... If I don't... then I don't.

Suz just drove away to go shopping ... it's snowing like all get out out there...
Whenever I see her drive away... I worry about roads and other drivers and and and and and...
I really need to just not watch when she drives away. :)