December 8th, 2008


Monday, December 8

Good start to the "First day back with Client #1"...
co-worker-dude (from the galactic core) is on a new contract with this same client... so I actually get to sit and have a coffee with someone I like... or at least "actually like" versus "you are a client... of courrrrrrrrrse I like you.".

Had a coffee with co-worker-dude... got down to business...
and then everyone got kicked out of the building.
they had a halon or freon leak in one of the server rooms and could not isolate the source... so they cleared the whole deal and sent us all home for the day. LOL.
~ I went shopping with co-worker-dude, just to kill some time and talk shop... I even got to sit-in-at-starbucks. (more on this later).

So yeah... client #1 bails on the day so I spend the rest of the day slogging away for client #2. I wonder if I can bill two days?
~ dum di dum... .
(day 4 and I hate this... hate it... the "nicorette inhailer" thing (that the "study" I'm in "issued to me") totally sucks cock.
It is, in fact... [ :: click me for NSFW sound from Miriam Webster :: ]

~ At one point... I looked very nice today. New blue tie... nice trousers and shirt... la la la la...
~ but once I got home-again-home-again-fassssst... I dumped that stuff in favor of the whole jeans and a sweater thing. :)
~ Well I was planning on working all day. :)
~ and then having a nice dinner...
~ off to Future Shop to get a camera deal on "big sale night"
~ then to IKEA to get christmas trees for the front yard. :D
~ AND watching Amazing Race... because we didn't last night... as we were throwing time out the window to be forever lost... by watching Wanted. gag.
~ I could go to Alaska and have fun with bloojanuary dissing the local politicians. :D
~ that honuhoney just follows her heart...
~ and that dailymom makes it ... to the next stage... Somewhere out there... there will be rest. :)

I came to the realization that I frick'en love being "in" a starbucks.
I don't care what I'm doing... how I'm feeling... what's going on ... just by being inside a 'bucks... I get a little calmer... and little more pleased with life.
I'm pretty sure I could work out how to spin this up into a religious thing.
Church of the Everlasting Drip
The House of Bean, All Welcome, Bring Your Grinder
~ I lerv me my starbucks... Left to my devices and my current need to substitute habits and feed my oral fixations...
I could load up enough to have a dangerously close to explosive heart rate.
</i>"Ah yes... I'd like to put another 20 on my starbucks card... thank you."</i>

I'll take a picture later and try to "show this"...
but ... for some reason, my left wrist has grown a knuckle on the back of the joint. It's sticking out like a broken bone... 'cept it doesn't hurt or anything.
I'm in WTF mode with this...
(Ignore this... I'll get the picture sorted).

~ ok... I gotta git while the gitting's good. :D