November 26th, 2008


Wednesday, November 26

A "lol catz" bonanaza...
honestly ... the one with the caption... "Am I hallucinating ... or is that freak'en lobster crossing the road?" had be lol'ing quite loudly.

Random: Totally did "the awesome" job on polishing and buff'en my loafers last night. They look brand spanking new. :)

Snowy day... again.
Definitely winter.

working from my home office for the rest of the week... for client #2.
then next week... all week... at client #3's offices...
then back to client #1 the week after that...
... getting ready to do a big show for the entire branch management group.
crazy job man...

~ yeah... well, I was up and waiting for the "culligan man" to arrive... s'posed to be here between 7:30 and 8:30. I left for work at 9:00... the note on the door when we got home said some rot about 10:15... bite me! Phone call tomorrow.
~ late for work... crazy stuff to get done... and I had to move my office... to a (ready?) smaller ugly no-window-florescent-lit cubicle.
~ zzzzzzzzzzooomed home from work, leaving much later than usual (didn't get in till .. like almost 9:30), picking up a pizza en route, getting home, dropping pizza on the counter, grab a slice and get back in the car waving the family as they decended on the pizza. :)
~ head off to a meeting with a group of people signed up with a provincial "stop smoking" study. If they take you in the study... they supply the NRT, regular counselling, and related services... and you have to answer questions at various intervals on your journey. My journey starts again in December. stupid smokes... sigh.
~ home again by 9:00 ... and now I'm kick'en back after sorting out kids, beds and stuff. :)
~ still have to make lunches...
~ for uncomplicated "scores" in the life and times of ninneviane
~ that notcharming finds her way to feeling lots and lots better.
~ to point out that I'm totally jealous of raylenetaskoski
~ to say that I agree with Arturo... !!!
~ and that cerulean_me gets good news that all is well.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to only woman I know named "toy" - which is a truly wonderful name. :D (dailymom) May there be great happiness, good health and a wee bit of that "fortune" stuff ... in the year ahead. (And ... do you know where your towel is?)
A very happy birthday to astralle... (and I've said that six or seven times... :D) I hope you were treated to great big gobs of love and hugs on your birthday sugar. Have a wonderful year.
And to the girl with the hundred million watt smile... psychomagnet... happy birthday sugar. May the magnet fail to function and a little bit of that good love'en sneak up on you.

~ client boss asked me if I "enjoyed working there..." She wants me to work the forever... lol. I told her yes... and that I did because I feel as though I can really accomplish something... make a difference... (which is code for "there is soooo much wrong here, I can't help but hit home runs every month" :D). She said "You've already made a difference..." :D
I really really really should have brought up the ugly cubicle. sigh.

A racing heart
short breath
flush cheeks
trembling fingers
fearful eyes
and hair, splayed out across the pillow.