November 23rd, 2008


Survivor XVII Update!!

Survivor XVII:


Where in... the happy little pimples living in Camp Castration give the producers their bestest wet dream in for-ever, with a total squeaker of an immunity game and - no question - the greatest take down in the history of the show. I'm talking... in a class with the fans-versus-favorites ill-conceived tied-together-on-an-obstacle-course challenge level of great.

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Sunday, November 23

Busy but basically "lost day" yesterday...
Woke up late... blessed sleep-in, but I really didn't want it yesterday. :(
So up at 10:30 and by the time mad consumerism was done (weekly grocery deal)... it was time to head over to my moms for dinner. :)
Celebrated my SILs and fathers birthday ... with a big awesome turkey dinner. :D Truly wonderful.

We got our Wii back...
And Geo spent some birthday money on "Shaun White's Snowboarding" (Wii)... uses the Wii Fit Balance Board!!! Awesome awesome... !!!
Although our first copy of the game was a total bust with disk errors all over the place... ~ we thought the Wii was still busted! :D
EB Games exchanged the game ... and all is fine.

~ christmas lights... still need a little pluggy thing so I can plug three things into two ports...
~ ottoman shopping... again, no bells... fricking ottoman...
~ cut a GIANT pork loin up into lotsa chops and roasts...
~ dinner!
~ take Geo to his first squash lesson.
~ Amazatron Race. :)
~ the virtue that convinces me to leave people on my f-list who start to become wall paper or actually piss me off... because invariably, things turn around and I find myself compelled to further reading by the stories of their world. It's kind of a mirror of life in general. I have to remember that no matter what is before me at any given moment... life is long and things always look different when you get to look again with the perspective of time dimming the glaring colours and bringing out the more subtle tones.

Ed, pretty much out of nowhere, walks into the kitchen and starts with...
"Imagine if the world was all Black and White??? Like everything...
If you were watching The Matrix... he'd be saying... 'So, do you take the gray pill or the gray pill'"

We watched Tropic Thunder.
f-f-f-f-f-f-f-far too much swearing... but the kids survived.
I'm not sure if the laughs I remember were groans... or actual laughing.
I am sure the both kids laughed themselves silly. :)
However... next rental will be something "I" want to watch. :)

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