November 17th, 2008


Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

OMG!!! Read The FREAKING Clue!!

And they're off... and doing a fine job of letting the world know that white-folk can’t follow instructions unless God herself burns them into the fleshy bits of their arms. Sweet mother of mercy... and here we thought with the dumb-divorcees gone, their collective intelligence would have climbed, but no. From cow-costumes, cab rides, “talk’en to Huey” over a bowl of sheep-ass and breathing the same air as thirty thousand chickens... it’s a fine time in the land of Borat.

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Monday, November 17

All about november... full-on and complete.
So today had... sun, snow, wind, clouds, super dark, super bright, and brrrrrr cold throughout.
Dear second-half of November... bite me.

Attention Attention.
~ for all those that do not pay attention to the little things... like notices from LJ.
Tomorrow morning you will not be able to use LJ.
It's totally your fault... in fact, it's your partners fault for something he or she was doing on the pc ... tonight.
(It has nothing to do with LJ shutting down to move their hardware around).

~ oh joy ... oh bliss... another monday. :)
~ full day, and I spent most of it on my feet, zooming around from cubicle to cubicle getting a bunch of people organized about a meeting later this week. :)
~ Ed starts swimming lessons tonight... so it's quick-dinner night.
~ I'm planning on being at a half-day conference, somewhere downtown tomorrow (morning) and then an afternoon that's ripping the seams of my calendar. :( busy day tomorrow.
~ hoping Dexter downloads in time for z and I to get our dex-a-fix tonight.
~ that laciann's little nephew has an easy time of it...
~ for galebird to catch a break...
~ to be in groovysegue's army. You will always have my total support.
~ and to send a random kinda smile out to danicia. :)

The US Congress should bail out big-auto...
That way the big car companies can keep on making inventory.

A coworker just got back from a visit home to Shanghai. He and his wife have been in Canada for ten years... going back every year for a few weeks vacation.
His descriptions of daily work-a-day life in eastern (rich) china... versus western (poor) china... defies description.
A good summary statement would be that "Chinese people who come to Canada and then go back... would say 'Canada is socialist state' and 'China is capitalist'".
This is Red China we're talking about here...
They are basically "Teenagers" in the land of "money and things to spend it on"... so nobody is saving anything and there are so many jobs... it's hard to actually not work.
And all the clothing... is of such high quality and yet inexpensive... especially to us... a western-asian (visiting) stands out as "dressed in cheep clothes" even if he's wearing his best bestest duds.
But every awesome story... ends with "but there are too many people..."

No matter how hard you try... I don't think you can imagine what kind of impact China is going to have in the world we hand over to our children.

I want an espresso maker.
What kind do you have? :)

~ k... gotta go clean something... :)
See ya.