November 12th, 2008


Ok admin advice

What is the best way to raise a "useability" issue with LJ? Is there a community or something or do I email Frank-the-goat?

Issue: the "delete this comment" selection is your FIRST missed click when you try to tap "reply at the web page", and with so much mobile use of ok... and so many touch-screen devices... This is becomning a problem. So how or who do I ask about changing the layout of comment actions??


Wednesday, November 12

~ a day spent in the grip of a headache. (poop)

The sun was shining... the sky was clear... and it's flippen cold.
The vast expanse of my front lawn was a'wash with a sparkling white frost when we got downstairs this morning. It is quite beautiful. I have to make a point of taking pictures next time. :)

Z and I pulled the ottoman over and basically went to bed on the sofa after Dexter last night. We just spooned up, pulled the sofa blanket over us and ZONK. I woke up at 4:00 and shuffled us both off to the proper bed for two more hours of the sleepy zone. God I love sleeping. I - clearly - do not do enough of it... maybe that's why I love it so much... you know, that whole "scarcity makes the heart yearn" thing

~ all about the beige zone today. Trousers, nice beige cream* (kinda silky) shirt and ze tommy tie.
~ oh, and sugar-tara... brown belt and the pennyless-loafers. :)
~ full day... except (it's 1:30 now) I have a headache in my left temple. (press press press....sigh)
~ going to have a massage at the spa that did the wax job last week... they've a new masseuse and it's a big discount to be an "early adopter". :) Maybe this will help the headache.
~ No heroes last night... but we did watch DEXTER. holy freaky shankalickies man... Dexter is TOTALLY THE SHOW this year. (last year it was Battlestar... etc.)
~ to send all kinds of love'en out to honuhoney as she makes room in her heart to carry the memories of a dearly departed little ball of fur.
~ to say how nice it is to have Dave (inspectorjury) back...
~ that odyssey_road's kitty learns about the whole "Glass Doors Are Hard" thing...
~ and that lil'razzle dazzle... (razzberee) gets her mojo back...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to days_unfolding. I hope the year ahead holds many grand prospects and opportunity... and that you got to celebrate today. :)

Here's a clue.
Human kind has mapped it's progress through the ages by making mistakes and learning... screwing up and getting right next time... living, loving, learning and persevering.
It is one of the sure signs of a personal appocalypse ... to think you have some vast insight that lets you think you know what's wrong with the world and if only you could, you would solve them all.
We have names for folks that think they have all the answers and believe in their hearts that other people need to work with those answers.
Names like Machiavelli, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Khan.

I don't care how simple it sounds... or emo or pathetic or whatever... but I believe the bottom line is that you will do the world more good by simply going out into it and being kind. We could use more of that... and a whole lot less of people acting like they have a monopoly on rightness. And no, this isn't directed at all organized religion, the gun lobby, right wing politics, or idiot blank slates that supported prop 8... but hey... good candidates.

Man... I cruise my fps and marvel ... no seriously, stand AGOG at the transparent - yet apparently indecipherable - connection between "worlds collapsing" and the pending gush and gurgle of menstruation. If you go through this every freaking month of your life... exactly how long will it be before you get a clue and say to yourself... "hmmm... perhaps I'm feeling this way because...." A select and pitiful-few of my female friends in LaLa land actually make the connection so occasionally I will read "Gah... I know I'm pms'ing but ....". But the rest of those-that-suffer... just don't seem to connect the dots. I'm genuinely and sorely tempted to click in and link them back to any of their previous posts that paint the clear picture and suggest they just need to find something with chocolate in it, and wait "till the blood starts a'flow'en next week". Of course, I also enjoy having actual friends in LaLa land and comments like those usually reduce the size of my F-List.
Please note that I am going to now get up and do my "I'm a man" dance around my fugly off-beige cubicle at work.

that's like five random russians (I've been told they're "bots") in the last week.

* yeah, in retrospect, "beige cream" just sounds gross....