November 3rd, 2008


Monday, November 3 (the day before the earth stood still)

So yesterday ... another glorious sunny fall day in the land of the tree's that have lost their leaves... (sniff... :***)
I spent a lot of time outside, wrapping shrubberies in burlap and putting these plastic tube things on the saplings to protect the little trunks from winter-mice.

I was mildly impressed by how un-scared the kids were by The Shining. The scariest bits were really the music and the way it drew you to the edge of your seat.
It didn't help the whole fear thing that Wendy was such a complete moron.
And ... has anybody read the book? (I haven't... I suppose I ought to...) but what the heck was with the guy in the mouse costume that appeared to be giving head to some guy in a tux in a bedroom when Wendy-the-loon was running around the hotel brandishing her giant kitchen knife and blubbering? There must be some point-of-reference to that scene that was either cut from the movie but included in the novel or... something.

Today is all about being freezing cold and crummy... but it's a small price to pay for what is supposed to be a fabo week ahead. The weather idiots are promising a few days of sunshine and +17 degree temps. I might even be able to score a short scoot at a skate park before I put the decks away for the winter.

~ well... it's a monday, so all the fun and excitement that brings... (painful sarcasm is free today)
~ having a gang over for dinner... Suz's family... eating cost-co lasagna (yummi, btw) to celebrate my SIL's and Geo's birthday's... (is that too many pluralizations?)
~ watching DEXTER tonight. Oh how I soooooo totally enjoy Dexter... even if some tool in Edmonton decided to do a little chopp'en of his own - psycho freakazoid)
~ wishing I could see a man about a horse but that'll ... likely have to wait till tomorrow.
~ ok, seriously...aprilfool29... sleep!!! :)
~ to send a smile out to militantmomma ... just 'cuz...
~ that debby gets put together again soon
~ and to thank gifgal for rambling by...

Quiero amarte noche y dia.
por que?
porque me hace libre!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is no freedom quite the same as the freedom to love.
The is no love like the kind that fills your day.

(thank you darl'en innerly)
Well... good luck tomorrow.
All kidding aside... I will make a point of sitting the boys down to get them to take it in.
I remember my dad making me sit down and watch the news in October 1973...
Yom Kippur war...
Some things... you will remember.
For whatever reasons work for you.

The Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

From Buddhist to Hindi

And they're off... invalidating all their previous efforts to once again bunch up completely en route to the land of dirt... and flaming heads... er... India. Lots of turn-abouts in the grand order-of-things, but alas, nobody runs over the divorcees in an unguarded fit of rage.

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