October 27th, 2008


Monday, October 27

A really nice day... sadly... the weekend was kind of the suckage, so now I get to see the sunshine by peeking over cubicle walls...

Somebody needs to make a decent iPhone App that will snap a "cam picture" and auto upload it to your cam-host - and then sell a decent desk-mount so I can use the iPhone as a remote cam for my web page. :) That would be sweet.

I was all keen yesterday about coming up with a new app for the iPhone but my friend (Jeremy) pointed out that the exact (sorta) app I had in mind... already exists.
The idea is to load up a program with the basic salaries of the people in a board room and let the program run, telling everyone how much money this meeting is costing the taxpayers. (My clients are typically government departments and agencies).

~ ooo... a combo day.
~ beige trousers (I have to admit, I love calling pants "trousers"... makes me think of Arden)
~ new blue sorta sweater thing... has one of those fake t-shirt collars sewn into the neck...
~ well... I actually expected to be busy today... but I've pretty much been "keeping busy" instead of "being busy". Odd day.
~ lost at least 5 lbs going to the can today... and ... I know... you totally didn't need to know that.
~ dinner for Geo's birthday at my folks house tonight... We're Geo's getting "The Force Unleashed (Wii)" from my parents... weeeeee... :D
~ DEXTER tonight... double weeee. :)
~ for raherrier to catch a little... break mmmk?
~ to point out that it's so darn easy to like cynnerth
~ and that gillian16 fits into her sneakers... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-mart. :D (friendtoanimals ). I hope you had a great day... and that the year ahead keeps you safe and maybe lets you in on a few of life's little mysteries. :)
And to a kind spirit... and a silly girl... happy birthday ewtikins. May there be periwinkle to lay about it somewhere not too far away. :) I hope you had a lovely birthday sugar.

I have to say... it's a bit unnerving to find out that random - and theoretically respectable - journal people will lable me as a troll if I actually HAVE AN OPINION instead of just saying "you're great and I totally agree with everything you say". If having an opinion and sharing it respectfully, without anger, qualifies me as a troll... then screw you... TROLL ON.
I've always approached Lj from one of two perspectives... depending on the nature of the posts that I'm seeing...
I'm either going to be caring and supportive... or I'm going to try to foster reasonable discussion by being honest and sharing.
Maybe I'm a little in-your-face with the opinions... but what are you? five? Do I really have to couch opinions in spun sugar?
Both of these perspectives have worked well for me over the last eight years.
And I'm not changing.
I'm far from perfect... and I'll be the first one in a room to announce this, happily.
But at least I make an effort to not be unfairly judgmental and aggressive... and a dick.

OLT (Open Letter Time)
Dear Wishing Girl:
Her shaply beauty is worthy of a long sigh,
but like the breath I may let out at the sight of her...
her beauty is something that is only passing through.
Your tender spirit, insightful mind, striking eyes and breathtakingly beautiful smile
will be yours to share for all time.
The passing seasons will steal her trim frame but nothing will ever stop you from being beautiful.
Now hurry up and love yourself the way you are.
Then we can love you together.
She has nothing on you baby... and she never will.

~ k... gotta go. :)

Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

Redefining Stupid

And they're off... to Cambodia with all their patient posture when faced with stressed out white folks acting like Spanish is the universal "foreign language". Oh and if AR had an award for being the biggest dumb-asses to ever walk the earth... we know who’d be getting that trophy. Gah... no wonder you’re divorced.

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