October 10th, 2008


Friday, October 10

Mr Radio said I can expect at least five full centigrade degrees above the norm.
This translates... along with the glory of mother sun... into a beautiful day.
I want to burn down my cubicle at work... :(

Edward wore a "suit" to school today... he was giving his political speech to a group of seniors at a residence near the school.
Actually... he wore his suit three times... two were "practice days" in front of the class)
I look forward to hearing about how well it went.
He gives the speech to the school on Tuesday next week... Thats the day of our federal election.

~ dk green ftls
~ black jeans
~ white 'playstation promo' tee shirt
~ blue short-sleeve shirt
~ albert freaking Einsteins hair. (oh my god... do I ever need a hair cut)
~ another grindingly painful day in the cube bathed in a penetrating giant fluorescent light tsunami. There are strange markings on the walls of the cube... like some previous occupant clawed and scratched... trying to find a way out. :(
~ didn't bring lunch... didn't eat lunch... but I did take off the blue shirt, doff a black hoodie, my Vans and the helmet for a good half hour skate-o-matic over the lunch hour.
~ got a lot done (subjective... very subjective) in the afternoon... gliding on the energy boost from a lunch hour skate. :)
~ no plans for the night...
~ my many randy lj friends get what their looking for this weekend... sheesh... :D
~ for teasdale to enjoy pj's if she wants to. :D
~ and that minarets gets a new theme for the month.

Do you hold a grudge?
Seriously... think about it.
Is it working for you?
Or is it letting someone continue to "take" from you?

Dear MP3 Universe... please hook me up with all the songs on what ever albums Teagan and Sarah have released.
Thanks. :)

On my way home from work... I'll be stopping at the Starbucks drive through to order a double espresso LONG ... with a dash of coffee cream (18%).
I take the "back road" home... so I'll be zooming along between two enormous farmers fields ... giant sea's of yellow (mustard seed?), with the windows down... sipping the coffee and wishing I could bottle the moment.

~ see ya :D

Survivor 17 Update!!

Survivor XVII:

The Buzz Kill

Where in... we get to see one team go racial in time for Dom Jeff to whip out the strap-ons and make ‘em all line up for a quick rewind to a school yard pick’em with “ranks” and “last place” and all the fun that goes with that… Meanwhile, Sugar is kinda morphing into the queen. Sugar-Queen, Killer-Queen… you just wait and see. :D

Collapse )

PSA Time

Dear EVERYBODY on my friends-list...

Passing on some LJ information.
A while ago I asked if anyone knew anything about getting friended by random russians.

I have been given an answer to this.

The "Random Russians" are bots and they have some nefarious purpose (though I know not what it is).

If you have been friended by a random Russian...
I urge you to connect to http://nympholept.livejournal.com/tag/russian+bots and check out what is written there.

Public service announcement over. :)