October 9th, 2008


Thursday, October 9

This is called WHITE GUY. lol

Sunshine... not so cold (which is very very nice) and a lot of wind...
another day in cubeland that could have been spent somewhere bathed in actual sunlight.

~ beige day... no tie... black tee under a very nice light green shirt. :)
~ then I get home and rip it all off, put on jeans and end up messing with my shirt so I can get my belt on. :D
~ to spend the day yawning at work. no, seriously... holy freaking yawn-o-matic... roll a six and you move twice... baybe. :)
~ Survivor tonight.
~ no idea about dinner... but I'm thinking I'm going to stop to get fish on the way home.
~ Geo has swimming tonight... I'm not sure who's taking him.
~ sweet mercy... please let me get to bed at a good time tonight... enough with the second wind kicking in at 12:00. gah!!!
~ to smile at Angela.
~ that costello1177 gets the good vibe on sunday...
~ I could play connect the dots with gillian16
~ for a time machine so I could back to my trip through Estonia with tonya, and visit our old haunts in Tallinn... ;)
~ and that peace marches into odyssey_road's world... peace, patience, hope and loads of love.

Birthday moments...
A quiet little happy birthday to hotblue... may there be sunshine finding you.
And happy birthday to heatherbell too... I hope the year ahead turns what you see happening... into wonderful things you remember.

An OC Transpo bus driver pulls up to a local stop to let new passengers on.
Some get on.
He looks down and sees a mom with a big ol'stroller and tells her "Sorry no room", closes the door and leaves.
Her two year old had already climbed up the stairs ahead of mom. Driver Dickhead hadn't noticed.
No, really.
First of all... I'd be pressing for kidnapping chargers against the dirt bag bus driver.
Second... the public response is all about the horrible gaul of this woman to expect to a) take a big ol'stroller on public transit and b) to let her two year old toddle up the stairs ahead of her.
I could go on for freaking pages on this one, but let me be concise.
Public transit = open to the public.
In my universe "public" includes people with strollers.
If you don't like that someone takes up more space than the average transit rider by bringing their stroller on the bus... you can go jump off a cliff.
"Haven't these moms ever heard of a small collapsible stroller?
Please screw yourself... and stop presuming to know what motivates the choices of another private citizen.
What the heck happens in peoples pathetic excuses for brains that they reach the conclusion that it's ok to tell other people how to live their lives based on imperfect perceptions and absolute ignorance about the challenges faced by these other people.
And that bus driver... he should have his head squeeezed in a big ol vice for being such a giant dick.

Reading: The Curious incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Mark Haddon)
Please consider this a recommendation.
Age appropriate from 12 to 100. Well... you might get a question or two from the 12 year old... but... um... IT'S A BOOK. :D
You will smile.

Someday I will actually learn what the magic key-stroke-combination is that changes my default language to french. For reasons that only frustrate me... all my computers have both languages setup and from time to time... I do something weird and presto... all the keys do weird things... It's easy 'nuf to set it back... just click the "FR" beside the system tray... and reselect EN but there is some magic key combo that mungs things up.

ps. sorry for freaking you out with the picture.
but I gotta do this kind of thing to make my coworkers think twice about checking out my journal.
bwahahahahahaha... :D
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