October 7th, 2008


Tuesday, October 7

Another gorgeous day. Cold to start... but it's fall. I can't be too picky.
I think I'm going to plan on going skating at lunch hours... must bring appropriate clothing.
I need a dozen more hours of skate time before the snow flies...
and then I gotta work seriously hard on the knee stuff to get myself ready for ski season.
After skating in skateparks... skiing - and being able to fall on something that isn't solid concrete - is going to be a gas. :)

~ kind of a blue-gray day...
~ black ftls
~ dark pants, bright blue tee with a (???) argyle? (is this argyle?) sweater
~ so tell me... is it ok to be wearing my brown loafers with this outfit or am I actually supposed to have a black pair of shoes for non-beige days?
~ my client has early morning meetings on Tuesday so I have no real reason to break my neck getting into work early...
~ sooooooooooooooooooo... I hopped back in bed with Z after the boys head to the bus. hmmmm... warm and snuggly... of course, I have to struggle out eventually. :D
~ work work work in the morning... lunch hour con. call with the galactic core (bosses... not clients) and then a big client "update" meeting in the afternoon.
~ Z has her fitness vibe on after work today so it's dinner with the boys... we'll see what we do to make it fun. :)
~ watching Chuck tonight... !!! Dude... we watched Dexter last night (season 3 epi 2) Omfreakygod... I was on the EDGE. I get so freaked by this show. :D :D (love the dex)
~ I would put time into finishing the newsletter thing I'm working on... !!
~ that sodiumbisulfite enjoys a little action with that Cane tonight...
~ for nerdular to not spend it all in one place...
~ and that honuhoney's computer lives through the day

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to indigobluejelly... Everybody needs a little Carrie in their lives. :) I hope you have a grand snow season and make lots of memories this year... the sort that last a lifetime.
And happy birthday pinkrose70... :D May your day be celebrated with friends and family somewhere close enough to remind you what love is.

You know... I wrote yesterdays post at about 11:00 AM, (and I post it when I get home from work) and while I'm at work I am insulated from news - unless I troll news feeds on the iPhone... which I don't. My point... I had no idea about the nose dive the markets were doing when I was saying "it's going to get worse". I'm not some smartypants on this stuff... I read a lot and listen. What I am hearing ... however... is a great freaking deal of scare-mongering.
Some guy was saying to his office mate that his financial advisor was saying that he was unsure if new investments in the mutual fund markets were a good idea because "he had no idea just how bad things could get."
I'm sorry... but that is a total crock of shitaki mushrooms.
There are several undeniable truths out there... the rich will get richer and the poor will continue to struggle.
Market forces will bend and twist... but they will not stop feeding that paradigm.
YOU GET THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to slip a little toe into the pond of glory that the rich bastards splash around in wearing their inappropriate speedos.
I'm telling you... get some advice... verify what I'm saying... and then BORROW some money to invest in your 401 or RRSPs or whatever you call them in your neck of the woods.
The rich get richer... because they can afford to slam millions down in a depressed market, let a lone a total all out recession-market and make out like bandits when things level out again. And they will. It may take a year... five ... even ten... SO WHAT? You're 401 and RRSP are for at least the next 15 - 25...
Get on board muchachos... roll with this.

The largest single recipient of Canadian foreign aide?
What a freaking waste.
I think the only "Foreign policy" thing that gets me more upset than Afghanistan... is Vlad Putin and the way he is screwing over eastern europe.
Anybody paying attention to that? Have we kicked out the Russian Ambassidor and his staff yet?
More innocent people have died under the the oppressive thumb of his aggression than have died in Afghanistan... and is anybody saying anything about it?

Observations from the Visitors Lounge:
~ Soy Green Tea Latte ... is not a coffee.
~ Personal Music Players... (and the necessary headphones & earbeads) have resulted in the production of several metric tonnes of ear wax - over and above what was being produced by the gen-pop before the Sony Walkman got all this going. And just were does it all go?
~ I really DO NOT understand why we put up with cable companies actually charging a premium for HD Services... fuckers.
~ The only really valuable contribution Marlyn Manson made to the world... was his version of Tainted Love.

Time to go... :)
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