October 6th, 2008


Monday, October 6

~ new tie. :)
Mentioned my desire for new ties a while ago... got 'em on my avi-nursary. :D

Went for "badging" today... getting a proper security pass for the people I've been working at for the past month.
Had to drive downtown in rush hour... find this obscure building... park (pay to park), check in, upstairs and get my photo done and the card pressed.
When I get back to work... I look at it and realize they've made me an "employee" card that is good through to 2013. With full "quiet time" access... !!! AH!
(it should have been a contractor card that expired at the end of this year).
Now I'm waiting to meet with the person who signed the paperwork to make sure she gets a chance to fix it before somebody at a higher pay grade notices.

lol... these guys slay me.

It was a cccccold (scrape ice off my car windshield cold) in the morning but man oh man... it was a beautiful sunshiny day! :D

~ "beige day"... with the new tie. :)
~ standard morning rituals... waking up kids, feeding them, waving goodbye and hitting the showers...
~ downtown... for an ill planned photo session then back again to the office...
~ long day but home again and I'm feeling the happy-to-be-home vibe.
~ write up a quicky on Amazing Race...
~ making pasta... cream sauce, spiced chicken, big salad... and looking forward to Chuck and Dexter. Hmmm... they totally would not do well in the same show. :D
~ and I totally gotta work on a newsletter thing for the homeowners association.
~ I could give earthgoddess a sniff... and yeah, that sounds aweful... but it's not. :D
~ for dogesque to enjoy the bike ride'en...
~ to send some good vibes out to ayoub... may all be well..
~ and that dotcombabe takes good care of her Rastafarian household. :D

Dear Canada:
Unless the US decides to spend that 770 billion on Canadian goods... please expect things to get worse before they get any better.
Keep your RRSP contributions ready... there will come a time in the next month when it's as low as it's going to get and then EVERYBODY will start madly buying shares in mutual funds. And presto... the markets will recover enough to make you glad you didn't wait for January.
And as for the election...
We are well and truly hosed.
I am hoping against hopes last breath that the Conservatives do NOT win a majority.
And I'm starting to fantasize about the Green party winning enough seats to force a coalition in the house opposition LOL...
I cannot imagine what has gone through the minds of the Liberal part to put Puppy Dion The French Muppet in their drivers seat. The guy must be awesome and brilliant... but he has not one single clue about how to look like it ... or show it.
Sad. He loses votes every time he tries.... anything.
Last time I saw him, he was playing hockey in a red cashmere sweater and looking like the guy that didn't get picked when they made the teams...

I got to talk to one of my very earliest lj friends on the phone today. :)
kristylicious made me smile.

Hey... just say'en... Thank you for yesterday.
It was heartwarming in the extreme to hear from so many of you with anniversary wishes.
We celebrated our day with the boys... good food... warm house and lots of love.
Colour me content.

~ time to go. :)

Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

Read The Clue!!

And they're off... on the next leg of the “Darwin Awards meets Reality TV” with an exceptional degree of stupid showing up in the most likely of places. While the Frat Tools demonstrate the consummate result of all that beer, and the Divorcees live up to every stereotype imaginable, we also get to see The Shopping Blonds close to tears and that Terrance guy closing in the pinnacle of what it truly means to be a high-maintenance douchebag. No seriously folks... this was stunning.

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