October 3rd, 2008


Friday, October 3

Well would you look at that...
The sun came out today.
At this precise moment (which could be any time, considering that I write this on a computer that's not connected to the internet and then post it later) it's gray, GIANT windy and brrr outside... but there was sunshine at several moments today. Even had sunshine while I let big-boss-man buy me a starbucks coffee and listen to me complain. I've decided that being a good complainer will have to be the way-of-the-tiger for a while...
*and all my plans begin to come together*
~ shhh... having an evil genius moment.

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ black PSP tee
~ kind of a black dress shirt... 'cept it has all these pin-stripes... kind of a nice shirt... :D
~ wake up and then go back to sleep... because it's a PD day and Suz is staying home from work with the boys today... so I don't have to do ANYTHING except wake myself up and go to work. :D
~ hoping to rent "Iron Man" and have a family movie night. :D :D :D :D
~ post the survivor write up... :D
~ to say my dear friend, teasdale is a rockstar... May the next eight rad-treatments take you to where you need to be and know that I think of you every single day ... just to send you a good vibe and let the universe know that you are loved... and worth keeping around!! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Stacy (x)... I never say much ... but I am always in awe. :) I hope all is well and that you were able to celebrate in style. :)
And a very happy birthday to myclevername... the secret keeper... May there be good friends, good health and much love in the life and times of you.

I opened up newssy web sites and dove into the blog-o-sphere and was absolutely agog at all the people saying they thought Palin "did fine" last night.
WTF were you watching?
It was like Palin was "doing" Tina Fay imitating Palin.
"Governor... How do you spell Alaska?"
"Well Gwen... John McCain is a maverick and I think being an oil-and-gas-regulator entitles me to hold the BIG RED BUTTON."
"Governor... is that pooh leaking out of your ears?"
"Well Gwen... it's fortunate for America that I have pushed actual life forms out through the softened walls of my glorious Vee-Jay-Jay."

And for those of you who don't live in the United States...
The Canadian leaders debate was last night... and I have to say that there were several moments that I wanted to leap through my television set and plant a big wet smoochy kiss on Elizabeth May (Green Party). I won't vote for her or her candidate... because that would be a "throw away" vote that could have been used to keep the Conservatives from getting a majority, but she was fricking awesome. Sadly, Steve-o Dion looked like a little french animatronic puppy, tilting his head and saying things in english that nobody could actually understand.
We are so hugely fucked.

Fish... it's whats for dinner at least once a week.
Fresh fish... usually rainbow trout... pan-seared... chili pepper... yum.

Ok, so truth. Eating something as simple as a mini oh'henry leaves my face in agony as my jaw totally inflames (TMJ).
Imagine how shitty things get if I go so far as to eat a freaking apple.
I am the reason they invented smoothies.
I can suck all day... but opening up to bite down hard... is a problem.
How porno is that? Gah...

Survivor XVII Update!!

Survivor XVII:

Human Paloma Virus

Where in... the unlikely happen s... and I don’t mean Jeff grows a sense of humour. Team Thong manages to rise from the ashes of their own decrepitude to do a little winn’en. This opens the door for a Kota catastrophe ... proving definitively that there really is no trophy in catastrophe.

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