September 28th, 2008


Survivor 17 Update!!!

Survivor XVII:

Survivor In A Suit

Where in... we see that Jeff’s chick finally convinced him to toss the fricking denim shirts!!! Oh, and we meet eighteen more “ugly yellow bags of mostly fodder”. Names like Ace, Sugar… men in ties, women in hoochie mama dresses, gamers, lawyers, and – of course – pinup girls. The school yard pick’em handed Jeff a bucket full of script material and I gotta say… there are some choice foo’s on the grassy slopes of Gabon. Just what Africa needs… a room full of stupid white people… with a few tokens tossed in for good measure.

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Sunday, September 28

You know what makes today so special?
And tomorrow is the season premmie for Chuck!!! :D

Oh, and Amazatron Race-itron de-buts tonight. Cap'tn Giant Hands will be waving his fleshy mittens around and we'll be wondering which hottie couple will wear bathing suits and how soon... and which dorky couple will get in an embarrassing fight in a foreign airport... oh, and we'll get to see all kinds of foreiners wondering why Americans think English morphs into their native language with you speak it loudly, waving your hands and adding "amundo" to the end of every seventh word. :) I do truly enjoy Amazing Race. :)
(I just "put up with" survivor... :D)

This has officially been a gray weekend. The constant drizzling rain, and a shadow-less landscape are only bearable because the freaking trees are like GIANT BALLS OF FIRE... and it's pretty darn amazing. :)

~ although I might go visit my dad...
~ and I might make ribs for dinner...
~ and I might watch Amazing Race...
~ but no plans. :D
~ for uniclycommon's effort ... choices... to bring rich rewards...
~ that nbbmom's little monkey is finding his way to feeling better
~ and for cerulean_me to find the week ahead... soothing.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday markalope ... may you have your iphone all cased up... and have a wonderful birthday. :)

Dear Tina Fey...
Thank you.
Just.... thank you.

Yeah... something about "balls of fire"...

and looking out our bedroom window...

Dear Apple iPhone Clan:
Spend the 99 cents... and get "PocketGuitar".
Seriously... :D :D :D

~ see ya soon. :)

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snax news update
In a stunning display of the expected, the National Association of Recreational Cultivators lost two of it's members to mob violence when they attended a stoner rally wearing the associations new acronym emblazoned baseball caps.