September 15th, 2008


Monday, September 15

~ the new company swagg... a roach clip.

While I know well-and-truly that my many friends that live in the pathways of evil that various tropical storms, would laugh at my pitiful reference to "storms"...
Never-the-less... we had one last night.
Big winds and ooodles of rain played havoc on the world around us. I was in some kind of a subconscious "awareness" zone when I crashed out ... snuggling up between a sleeping child on one edge of our bed and suzy-q wrapped up on the other...
"Big Wind" is a lot more than a reason to say "excuse me" when it comes to stormy weather. I looked at the alarm clock... it read 1:35.
I woke up to a darkness that did not include the little diode lights of household electronics and went back to sleep.
I woke again to see the alarm clock flashing some nonsensical time... crawled out of bed and found my phone to check the time and then reset the post-power-outage alarm clock. It was 3:00 am.
Fast forward and you find me doing the same thing at 4:00...
And then again... at what I thought was going to be 5:00... but alas... it was 6:06. So I turned on the radio, the lights and told everyone to get up.
Nobody got up... and I crawled back into bed.
blink blink...
6:45 (sigh... I'll be driving kids to school today).
I got myself to work by 8:30... instead of the usual 8:00.
No big. :)

The day is all about being gray... windy... blustery and brrrrrr!
Just another day in the life and times of the worker-bees that are going to swarm over my front lawn today as work begins on the next big project:
Making a front walk that rocks. (no really... lots of rock. :D)

~ It's a monday... really... what else is there to say?
~ that lakme gets some new translations...
~ that cynnerth avoids crowds when visiting the congo...
~ and for irishgypsie to keep 'em coming... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to little mrs. kayotic... (kay). May the year ahead keep you and the men in your life out of harms way and close to your heart.

Dear Creationists:
Calm yourself... I'll not rant madly...
But I will direct you to [ :: this published news item :: ].
bwahahaha... no seriously!

The church of england wants you to know that you are basing your faith on systems and concepts framed by ignorance and intolerance...
Now what?

The really important "mental gymnastics" that goes on here... is to draw attention to the many instances that "pockets of faith" have framed their own virtual framework that is based on flawed information and attitudes. When the church - at the highest levels - admits the error... the "pockets" pretty much just stroll on by without paying any attention... because the absolute insecurity of their faith has absolutely no tolerance for anything besides the unlikely truths they have convinced themselves to believe.

It's kinda sad when you think about it.
What has to be wrong with people in the first place ... to let this sorta thing happen.

Dear Quebec:
Please send a message this election... and stop throwing your votes down the toilet by voting for Bloc candidates.

We golfed.
It rained.
A lot... for a bit.
At one point...
I was driving from a tee into a downpour through which I was unable to see... hahahaha...
Playing "good golf" really comes in second... behind having a day without work... with a couple of co-workers.
Boss-man-big and co-worker-dude and nice people.

ps. why am I getting friend requests from seemingly random russians? (strange but true. :D)