September 14th, 2008


Sunday, September 14

Morn'en... :)

Ok... it's all rainy and stuff... and I'm supposed to be at a golf tourney today. :(
And I can't just "not go"... sadly... Even if they cancel, I have to be there to be "cancelled" (It's a work thing)
Actually the only big decision today is what to wear. :)

Yesterday was all about working in the basement on the new "built-in" counter thing that will host the bar fridge in the tv room.
Of course, the fact that Space ran a complete first season marathon of Terminator didn't hurt at all. :D

We went to Montana's to celebrate my MIL's birthday and ... it was good... but Montana's isn't going to be pulling me back with that menu.
It was actually a boring menu? And no, I'm not ridiculously picky...

~ going to a neighbors to celebrate their little guys 2nd birthday... at 10:30 ... bringing "boynton"
~ leaving that early to get across town for 12 to golf in the cum-pany golf tourney
~ leaving that early (before the dinner) to get my bro's house for his birthday dinner...
~ somewhere in there, I have to get to loblaws to get a few things for kids lunches this week...
~ and then die in bed when I can finally lay my head down. :)
~ that I get a chance to dl the Saturday Night Live torrent and enjoy me some Fey! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a lovely sugar-kat... katscan. May all the wonderful creative spirits that sustain you... find new ways to sneak out... (and I hope your cuzzy does well on Canada Dance Monkeys.... :)

Busy day... and I gotta get to it. :)