September 11th, 2008


Thursday, September 11

Hello sunshine...

It's totally Fall! Our trees are getting brighter... the mornings are painted with drippy cold dew... and the air is just fabulous for sleeping. I do so very much love the fall.
Now if I could only find my way back to skatepark ... I'd be golden.

Speaking of "golden"... I think I'd be just fine if I could ensure I NEVER HAD TO USE A GOVERNMENT OFFICE BATHROOM AGAIN... EVER... EVER!!!!
Freaking pigs.

I don't know how much fun poitical debates normally are for all'ya'all... but if you can swing it... I recommend watching the upcoming (date and time to follow) Canadian Federal Debate. The green party national candidate managed to get herself off the sidelines. I anticipate great fun at the debate.

~ well, ok... not truly "planned" but never-the-less... I did start my day by beating the crap out of my alarm clock and then... like a complete idiot... going back to bed. :)
~ we all got up at 6:30 instead of 6.
~ then I forgot my glasses without which, I had trouble seeing that I had also forgot my lunch.
~ I said "Blarg" a few times... but then I felt like Tina Fey... well... prol'y not as soft and stuff... but ... gah... very off topic.
~ BIG meeting with my clients... FIRST meeting since I started this contract last week. hahaha... good thing I'm a self starter.
~ drive home at lunch and GET my lunch...
~ tonight? I think BB is on... and I have the pilot for Knight Rider... was it any good? Hmm...
~ gossip girl wasn't so frustrating in all the long bits between the good parts...
~ I could afford to just head out and buy expensive in-ear headphones...
~ to send koodos out to the well recorded lindalee_
~ and that yumikid "suspects" right... and is feeling fine tomorrow. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a remarkably lovely young woman... doowat. May the wonderful turn of the cards that has been dealt to you over the last year... keep on wrapping you up in loving arms. :)

Happy September 11th.
It's a national holiday or something right?
Remember that episode of Cheers... when Cliff Clavin had the zapper hooked up to him and Norm had the button?
Besides all the other good reasons to push that button... wouldn't it be great if all political candidates had to wear a zapper, and would auto-magically be zapped every time they said "September 11th."

Our national news channel carried a decidedly Jon Stewart Like moment last night when reporting the Pig Lips Obama thing... they played the offending bit... and the McCain "I hate you" advert that used the Pig Lips thing... THEN they played all three (3) THREE UNIQUE clips of McCain referring to Hillary with the Lipstick on a Pig comment.

Look... make no mistake...
I have several hard-and-fast replublicans on my f-list...
A whole basket full of creationists...
Religiosity abounds in all directions...
And while I find their belief systems ... totally wackadoodle...
That doesn't mean I don't like them...
Heck I know I've got me some of that LJ love for lots of 'em...
And that is - generally speaking - not the case in the real world.
I wouldn't normally give much truck to those kinds of folks... on account of that whackadoodle thing.
That's not to say I'm all special or anything...
It's just that they are. :)

I just don't care how big a screw up Courtney Love is (was, whatever).
Hole put out some exceptional music, and her voice is a key feature there.
Oh oh... I got me some Shirley TV last night. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Shirley Manson on Terminator.
I want that little bitty mouth of hers.
Ok... no, I don't wish my big lip mouth was replaced by hers... dolt.
I want to kiss it... bite it... feel it trailing all over my body, stick my fingers in it...
Watch her put lipstick on ...
Totally dig the Shirl.
Somebody kidnap her, wash her, and bring her to my tent... mmmk?
(yeah... that's all a bit creepy eh... ah well... ahneversaidIwasn'tcreepybaby). :)

K... later. :)