August 24th, 2008


Sunday, August 24

Boys are home. :D

~ beams.

Oh my gosh was this ever a good idea. :D :D :D

~ up and at 'em to drive to Camp Otterdale and pick up the boys... among requisite farewell tears and instant friendships.
~ taking it easy this aft... absorbing their return.
~ neighborhood "party in the park" at 4:00... if the rain holds off (I think it will hold off) ... and we're skipping out on dinner to take the boys to Swiss Chalet... their "return wish". :)
~ BB tonight... hmmm I've not written up something for last week. Must see if I can... :)
~ more Chuck when the nights draws deep. Is fun... but I wish Sarah would have told him already... !!
~ speaking of sarah... Terminator starts up in a couple of weeks!!
~ for snarky_angel to ... get to her icon. :) (*and you'll never far from that, ... just say'en)
~ that lynspin doesn't forget how the interwebs have taken over the world...
~ and that kendokamel tries hard to survive without that 17. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Yesterday Birthday to glossgirl... I hope all is well... and that you are treated like a queen for your day. (Heck, all-year-long, seeing as we're in the wish-zone. :D)
And to semi-long-lost thumper ... another Yesterday Birthday. :) May the year ahead keep you entertained... and healthy! :D

Dear Olympics:
Thank you.
It was totally fun. The womens gymnastics was the best of the lot. Womens diving and beach volleyball and mens swimming was a close second... and I'm bummed that I missed the bicycle pursuit races... :(

Dear China:
Good try... you lived up to all of our expectations... good and bad.

I packaged up and returned the Linksys (cisco) wireless N "Range Plus"
router that I bought three weeks ago. I've tried everything and ... in
the end ... it totally blows. It drops ip assignments, and has no frigging
better range than my 10$ 5 year old SMC wireless G.
I'm going to read up on the newest D-Links... in hopes they don't also suck!

For Sale: Sandisk SD Card reader... cheep cheep!
I have a little "Optex" SDHC reader... works great.
Oh... and dude... 4 GIG Kingston data travelers... 9.99. Shut up!!!!
we bought two ...

~ kids like their new computer desks... :D
Big Brother 10

Big Brother 10 Weekly Update!!

This Week In Big Brother 10: Back to Basics

The God Father VII: Don Renny

Where in... we are subjected to too-much-information about Ollie – the most naive human on the planet, Jerry gets creepy, Renny channels Marlon Brando, and Julie starts making up words again...

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