August 20th, 2008


Wednesday, August 20

some wind...
and a grateful haze over everything I see.

~ wave to suz as she drives away to Montreal with her mom for the day...
~ consider the manticotti (sp?) I'm making for us all to have for dinner...
~ to bless the weather gods for another beautiful day - as is my desire for the boys at camp...
~ work work work... and getting ready for the big show tomorrow (meeting with clients)
~ to smile at gillian16... and make several quiet little wishes...
~ that good news in the land of debby ... just keeps on showing up.
~ that my little sugar-tea (teasdale) has all the energy she needs for tomorrows pick-up. :)
~ and lastly... that my far away friend, allyn, gets his A game back... heal well oh distant disturbia boy...

I think it's kind of pathetic the way people STILL have huge hang ups about the word "FUCK".
Kids DO NOT STAND A CHANCE... It's everywhere and (personally speaking) rightly so.
Popular media makes a game out of almost saying fuck ... constantly.
The most recent example is some local bar in Ottawa that has a "WTF" night... a "Double-You-Tee-Eff" night.
To which I can only say... wtf?
People have freak attacks over little kids saying "fuck" and - believe me... I know - the business world is crazy with intolerance with it coming out of a mouth that has a tie around it's neck..
I for one... am a fucking crusader.
I have worked "Fuck" into speeches made to full auditoriums,
and my boss never stops panicking over the likelihood that I'm going bring up the FUCK when I'm talking to his peers.
If I could, I'd wear a lovely little gold FUCK on the lapel of my blazer.
It's a perfectly fine word and filled with emotion, meaning - direct and innuendo, and it's truly a great way to expunge the demons of frustration.
And no matter how you slice it... it's wwwway better than cunt!

Kids computer area in the playroom...
Was a total mess. :)
So I bought about 30 worth of wood... made a box and a counter top.
Put it all together, and did a little caulking/paint job to make it nice and "built in" looking...
Presto. :D



More pics... under the cut. :)
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Women frolicking in the rain, wearing what appear to be sexi underpants and sport bras...
Observed by a stadium full of what appear to be giant candy-necklaces.

Ah yes... the modern games of the Olympiad.
The fun never stops.