August 11th, 2008


Monday, August 11

So, today was the big day.
We got up and hit the road at 9:30 to get them to camp by the appointed time.
They're going to have a funtabulous time... I know this with all my heart.
But ... there's no denying the little tear that came a'sneaken out when we got back in the car.
This is the first real separation ... in twelve years.
Not sad... just very apprehensive.

~ my heart could explode at the drop of a pin.

~ drive to camp... limp home... :)
~ checked out a recommended furniture store in the town near the camp... We're still hunting for the ottoman. ! (for the sectional that is scheduled to arrive in November... sigh)
~ home to make the kids beds and be a suck...
~ then attack the Weed Jungle growing in the gully at the head of our property. Man... three hours of slave labour.
~ groceries... dinner... ell-jay... and the a visit from my brother... followed by blueberry pie and icecream with this seasons Weeds opener. :) (bit-torrent land)
~ I do not look forward to tonights dream sequences...
~ to thank the stars that I found my friend innerly so many years ago... because it has meant so many wonderful moments of warmth and happiness for me. :)
~ and that redfenix can embrace the next-stage... and be a superstar. :

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday joei... I hope you're enjoying your vacation week and ... that this birthday finds you with your shoulders back and the year ahead looking like a buffet. :)

A freeze frame of Phelps and his buddy screaming after the relay... could be a posted for Rhoid Rage LOL... I'm not saying they're dopes... just that they're flex-arm-contorted-face-screams... were priceless and poster-worthy. :)

Today is the last day of my summer vacation. I've avoide all "work" contact since the client meeting last week... mostly because I realized how easy it is to get sucked back into the work vibe... despite my efforts to carefully cultivate a lazy slack monkey vibe. :D
Back to the stess ball tomorrow. :)

We had fun at the Sony / FutureShop thing last night. :)
It was total commercialism... but in a great way.
Bottom Line: The kids had a blast. :D

Dig it... big electronics store... after hours... pizza... and Playstation 3's hooked up to the biggest tvs with all the gizmos and games you could want.

Yes, I know they say "Playstation 2"... we got about ten shirts ... these four weren't all wrinkled. :D
Funny'est part... the night totally re-enforced my feeling that we're really way way better off with our Wii.

~ ok... now I'm done. :)
See you soon.