July 21st, 2008


Monday, July 21

So today was all about giving a workshop to my client and her team.
If they all sit there, stone cold, and get polite at the end... I consider it a total failure.
If no one shows up after being interviewed by me like mad for the last three weeks... total failure.
If the room packs and it's one loooong interactive deal with a million questions and tons of amendments...
It's a homer.
So the show today?
I'm happy about this. :D

Oh and it was supposed to rain again today... but it's been a perfectly beautiful day... some gray but lots of sunshine when I had time to look. :D

~ monkey suit this morning... all shiny shirt and tie boy for the day
~ but I'm all about shorts and the strong-bad-tee now (Hi Kim... <-- she (kim) sent me this awesome awesome tee)
~ Up and at 'em nice and early...
~ smoothie for breakfast...
~ dress up in client-clothes and get downtown.
~ play nice with printers and staplers...
~ then give a three hour show that totally rocked...
~ have a nice lunch...
~ meet with sales guys from "galactic command" and smile. (Hoping to get follow-on work with this client).
~ come home and make an easy dinner... pork-chops in golden mushroom soup sauce with rice and broccoli... (we eat quite a bit of broccoli)
~ write in my journal.... :D
~ and totally laze out with tv shows, console games and playing with my iPhone for the rest of the night. :)
~ can you tell I'm in a good mood? :D
~ to open arms... insert gillian16, close arms... refuse to let go.
~ to make love-love noises at phenomenull because ... she deserves a bunch...
~ to send a little squeeze to teasdale... and I never need a reason to do that...
~ that allyn's head would grow in natural and be... blue. (I bet there's some mineral you can OD on that would make this happen... but then, you're whole bodie would likely turn blue too... so skip that part)
~ to point out that all decisions... are always part of the road-forward. eh markalope! :)
~ and that the sky would open up and drop a Wii Fit on nerdular :)

88 canadian soldiers home in boxes.
And exactly what has changed in Afghanistan?
And who exactly gives a rats ... patootie?
Oh wait... Allied forces shot up a squad of Afghani Police ... by mistake... with Air support!
Surely someone cares about that?
Oh yeah... it's in afghanistan...
oh bother.
One Laser Guided Air To Ground Missile... arriving in the form of the cold hard cash it takes to buy one... would erase hunger in an average sized city for at least a month.
Just say'en....

blonnie shared something today that totally got me. :)
So I'm sharing it with you. It's the "Christian The Lion" story.. .[ :: you tube with music... check your volume :: ].
Get all "Snopes" about it... it's a true story.
You cannot help but feel the universal vibe of The Big Good when Christian has his paws up and is literally hugging them.
Do yourself a favour... go watch. :D

Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by kindness.
Be swept up and totally, blissfully "whelmed"...
And save the "over" part for heartache and hardship.

~ alrighty then... :D Time to go and be lazy. :)