July 17th, 2008


Thursday, July 17

iPhone day... big day in the land of moi. :)

Things I'm liking...
~ my NEW PHONE. :D :D
~ theoretically supposed to be working... (actually, I've a ton of work to do, so I best be getting back to it...)
~ cost-co... must get milk and coffee...
~ phone sears and begin reaming...
~ no idea about dinner but I'm thinking spaghetti...
~ definitely write a "This week in Big Brother" update later...
~ I could blow off work and play with my phone!!!
~ for auntyadele to get... a little bit of what she really wants. :)

Birthday moments...
A big Happy Birthday to my friend, badaboom! I hope all is well oh mr. not-around-of-late. :) Have a great day and a grand year ahead. I hope we get to get together for a drink some day soon. :D

Bought board shorts and comfy shorts for suz for her birthday...
Huge risk buying her clothes... due in the main to failures to get sizing right in the past.
But this worked out GREAT. She's loving the shorts and the board shorts. :D
~ score.

What's today all about?

~ initial observation... same as the "observation" at the apple store in DC...
iPhones is Hot.
er... hot like heat. Thing heats up as you use it. Will be nice in winter. :D LOL.

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iPhone Help

~ ok... so the Safari icon is gone.
No, it's not on the "swish" next page and the third page is blank.

um.... ?

~ okidoki... the interwebs were no help... but I did manage to find that if you enable "restrictions" you can make icons vanish. :)