July 11th, 2008


Friday, July 11


So yesterday was all about "rocks" (See below). Sadly, the "track loader" (think bright yellow army tank with a scoop) that brought our rocks from the excavation next door... drove over the buried cable from "rogers"... this supports out Phone, our Internet and our television. SNAP! around mid afternoon.
Meanwhile, I was out having a huge amount of fun with the boys at the "big" skate park (versus the smaller one in our neck of the woods... so to go to the "big" on - at Centerpoint - we have to take a 30 minute drive. No big... and lots of fun.

Today... however, has been less fun. I started the day trying to get through to Rogers to buy an iPhone... two hour wait on my cell phone (thankfully a non-minute-consuming-call) got to be too much and I bailed. I'll try again tonight. Then we waited for the Rogers truck dude to come and repair the line... Then we waited for the Sears truck to deliver our "loaner sofa".

Now? It's 3 and all is well. We have phone, tv and net back... and a loaner sofa - with dueling recliners - in the family room. It's ugly... that fake beige leather that tends to look like Fat Bastard. Ug. But at least we can sit. :)

It's iPhone Day in Canada. The big providers are releasing their first wave of iPhones. Popular uprisings seem to have pushed Rogers into lowering their data package plans... all the way to the point where I think it's not a bad deal... (30$ per month for 6 gigs of data - basically "unlimited"). But I was on the fence about putting the cash out and signing on for three years.
"on the fence" that is... until I had this desperately lucid dream this morning. oh man... it was awesome. It felt totally real... and needless-to-say... it had to do with buying a phone. I woke up from the dream... had a shower and GOT ON THE PHONE to buy one. Sadly... so did a bazillion other people (I wonder if they had the same dream?) So sheer volume is keeping me from my iPhone. By the time I do get through... I suspect they'll be out-of-stock.

~ lots of waiting... some productive... other... not so much.
~ to see a man about a horse...
~ I was at the skate park again... maybe later. :)
~ congrats out to zaxwrit on the "big step"... (new homeowners)
~ and that sodiumbisulfite enjoys the vaca when august 7 gets here. :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday!!! A very happy birthday to my sweet-bloo... bloojanuary... that's like "blue"... not "blow". (laughs). I hope you had a great day yesterday and that they year ahead keeps you safe, happy and healthy.... and thank you for many years of friendship sugar... :D
A quick "Happy birthday" out to long lost dixiemine30... may your world be filled with good things...
And a happy happy birthday to sugar-moxie. (moxielass ). I hope you get your wish (Alex)... and that you enjoy a wonderful year of firsts... and seconds... and thirds... :) (ps. You are, indeed, superwoman! :D)

So you see this part of our front yard? (Down by the foot of the gazillion mile long laneway)

And do you see these rocks?

Well... after giving 30$ cash to the guy driving this track loader...

We now have this...
(had to use my phone-camera for these - proper camera is in suz's purse)

Note the upright stone... it's going to get a street address thing in iron bolted to it. :D)

And that's the end of my story. :)

Now I have to sort out why our phone will ring... but nobody can hear me talking. :(
More waiting in cues with Rogers...

~ k... see ya later. :)