July 6th, 2008


Sunday, July 6

Having an advil day so far. :(

The weather continues to be wonderful... so that's something. :)

Oh, and we sat down for our final dose of The Doctor last night...
There's something about Davies directing four specials between now and 2010* and then a new director taking over to run through the next scheduled season. No spoilers here but man oh man was that a fun "season wrap". Catherine Tate is a much better talent than I had her pegged for when they introduced her.

~ well, best intentions to wake up early... dashed by going to bed at 3:00.
~ now? I have an aggravating head ache, and I'm not sure why. :( (Waiting for advil to kick in).
~ watched "in plain sight" with my coffee... while the sleeping family snored away... The kids are totally turned around, staying up too late and unwakable in the morning. :( I'm going to have to work on that...
~ that indianasweetie finds her golden compass...
~ to thank jersey_blogger for being prolific...
~ to send a smile to gillian16
~ and to point out that dotcombabe ... has for many years been one of the best reads on my Fps...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday long-lost Bri (laekia). I hope all is well with you and your little family and that you are pampered just a little today. :)
And happy birthday to Mr. Brown! (jeremyb). May this next year keep you in good health and great spirits... and if the year won't play fair, you just go ahead and TAKE the fun. :D
A very happy birthday to greenwavedave. I hope the threads of your life weave together something that will give you reasons to smile and memories worth sharing.
And finally, to little lost greyenigma.... I'm sure you're somewhere taking the world by storm and I hope you're having a great time doing it. :) Happy birthday sugar.

I saw a news item about some place where they're taking a womans kids away because she's a white supremacist. He kid came to school with a swastika on his arm... twice.
~ Christian kids come to school with all manner of crosses adorning their bodies...
~ Sikh kids come to school carrying Kirpas (sp?) - daggers...
~ black kids wear Black Power symbols CONSTANTLY...
And you can only imagine the uproar if any of these examples were told to stop doing their thing.
Does this make it sound like I support white supremacy?
Believe me... I think nazi concepts are among the worlds greatest steaming piles of bullshit... a bill of goods sold to a willing audience used to enslave them and empower their insane leaders... It (nazi'ism) had nothing to do with actual white-power.
No... my problem is that we call ourselves a free society and defenders of free speech... which, apparently, is total bull.

Fat people are fat.
Fat isn't like race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.
It's not bad or good or otherwise...
It's not a human rights issue...
It's not an epidemic either... the Flu, tuberculosis and the plaque are epidemics... being overweight is being overweight.
Nothing more and nothing less.
If you're not happy about being fat... work on not being fat.
If you're fine being fat... fill your boots.
CLUE: Nothing is sexier or more attractive than self-confidence and self-comfort.
Real life is not about worshiping icons to beauty.
That's the make believe world of fashion and media.
Real life is about connecting.

Dear Racoon:
Please stop feeding off my garbage.
Or I will feed you the white supremacists...

~ k... see ya. :D