June 24th, 2008


Tuesday, June 24

a perfect day.
(well... so far. :D)

~ up and do the whole "getting the kids out the door" thing... second last day of the school year. :D
~ vacuum the first floor... clean up the kitchen... make the bed... shower... shave... eat...
~ go skateboarding for the rest of the day!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
~ that raherrier gets to feeling a little better...
~ for my Cali'friends to enjoy (and survive) fire season ... eh sylvidoptera... :D
~ that my little sugar-tea (teasdale) ... gets some much needed rest...
~ and for mousieo... to make two days slip by without any issues...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Sara... (andbeloved )... and thank you. :D I hope you have a wonderful year.
and happy birthday to my little egg-girl. :) (xaheras) I hope you enjoyed your day and that the year ahead keeps you in all the happiness you can handle.

Dear Kraft:
Exactly who do you use to test the efficacy of the little so-called "perforated tab" on the side of the KD box?
The freaking Hulk?
Seriously... would it be so hard... you know... to actually perforate it?
Slackers. :)

Went to the "Legacy Park" (I think that's what it's called)... it's the big park behind Centerpoint.
Lots of bikes today... Well... lots of kids.
Not a single negative vibe the whole time.
Working on hitting the big vert without bailing... still nowhere near dropping in though... sigh. It's a strange thing ... abject terror... but I will overcome it. :)
And working on the whole speed thing... There are big ramps in this park... and you can freaking sail through the place at exhilarating speeds, climbing and dropping the walls like you were surfing. :)
There's always a few awesome skaters... they are much much much fun to watch.
Here's a couple of shots ... :)
(I took lots of video ... I want to you-tube something... we'll see. :)

~ not me...

~ also not me...

Man, I had a good time this aft. :) a few hours in the sun... feeling awesome... and flying.
Well...ok, it's not actually flying.
But close enough. :)

I want to go watch me some goram firefly!!! :)
See ya.

(no subject)

I just made the boys lunches for tomorrow.

*The Last* school lunch's for a couple of months!

It's not that it's all that hard to do... but there is a cost to the process in stressing about making things they'll like, eat and not throw away and go hungry.
Let alone the whole making sure I have lunch-stuff-a-plenty on Sunday night so I can face the week.

Nothing says "It's the end of the school year." like not having to make the lunches any more.

Side note: "Tis" is very inter-changeable, although snooty, with "It's". Nothing says "Tis the end.... But in my case, it would only be that I misstyped "It's"