June 23rd, 2008


Monday, June 23

Check out the honk'en "crease" in the side of my face ... wowza. :)

Day started out just a'soaken'.
It's since settled down... even managed to get to sunset sunshine... with a small promise of sunshine tomorrow. :)
My fingers are very crossed. Tomorrow is St. Jean Baptist day ... which is, while totally useless everywhere else in the universe... a civic holiday in Quebec and my client... is in Quebec.
So I'm on a forced vacation day tomorrow. If the sun shines... I'm going to screw at least half the day at a skate park.
um, so yeah... fingers very crossed. :)

~ oh ug!
~ um... long day.
~ wrote the groovy survey I'll be administering to my clients team over the next week - except the guy that's on vacation... grrrr!!!
~ home to find two boys with their report cards. :) They had a truly remarkable year in their new school. So we let them pick the dinner destination... and we went to... Pizza Hut.
~ I've just noted in our restaurant journal... that we will NEVER GO BACK TO PIZZA HUT. Ew yuck and ahhhh grrrrr! crappy service, crappy food and ... just screw them.
~ :D
~ that amythyst... is careful on that bike!
~ to point out that mspish... is a bit of a spaz...
~ and that duhneese knows when to cut her losses...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lori... (thisismostlyme). I hope this next year gives you the opportunity to be the woman... the mom... you want to be. !
Happy birthday to barefoot_dyke too!! May there be plenty of scoooooooooting this year. :D

Every wonderful corporate merger that brings brilliance to stock values and the big fat wallets of the investing masses...
Also leaves a trail of wasted hearts and minds in the dirt of the road to that merger.
When you suddenly see some "other company name" tacked onto the giant sign above some local company...
You should note that the reality is a whole bunch of folks suddenly out of work... They're the lucky ones.
The rest of the hapless victims are the ones that "were lucky" and got to stay post - merger... so they could work twice as hard for less.
Just say'en...

Poor ol'Georgie Carlin.
That guy was great.
He's made me laugh for three decades
He's been a voice of reason... funny... but reasoned in the face of the very strange world.
He will be missed.
I'll try to think of you every time I say cunt! :)

I borrowed the Firefly DVD set from my BIL...
Going to watch it again.
Love it. :)

Um... question: Did Battlestar end? Was that epi two weeks ago... the official "end"?? I guess I need to go look this stuff up on-line somewhere.
I'd ask a more direct question but I don't want to "Reveal" anything.

Oh oh oh ... and dude... Bad Wolf!! :D
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