June 20th, 2008


Friday, June 20

Welcome to the longest day of the year.
The very idea of this day... and it's emo little sister the shortest day of the year... is glorious.
The reality of our planets movement and the impact of it's off center tilt... living large.
Yes... you are just an insignificant drop of water... ebbing and flowing at the whim of forces beyond your control.
la la la... sorry. never mind. :D

Ok... so OUR GOLF TOURNY WAS CANCELLED due to impending t-storms and rain.
Neither of which showed up today.
Maybe a few sprinkles... but ... not enough to cancel a golf tourny!!! :( BOOOO HISSSSS.

It's actually sunny and nice out right now... making me think about zooming off to the skate park... hmmmm...

~ drive Link and all his cookies to school...
~ work work work...
~ go meet zee and take her to our "Thai Luch Spot" restaurant... yummi lunch... I had a wwway spicy meal and boy did it ever clear out my head...
~ pick up the boys from school ... kind of a treat and to make sure Geo brings the borrowed sax home. The school year ENDS next week!!!! wow.
~ no idea about tonight. :)
~ for tomorrow to come and go for sugar-ly (innerly)... quickly and painlessly... and with no bad news!
~ that the pending bloodshed in nutmeg's house... is less than anticipated...
~ and to congratulate bored_of_life64!!! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lisa (ladyfire). May this next year give you all the time you can use to celebrate the wonderful changes you've made in the last five. !!!
A very happy birthday to my friend Dave... (inspectorjury). May this summer prove to be just-what-the-doctor-ordered... and time for much healing, and rejuvenation.

Alright ... so dig this.
I was listening to this bit on the radio and they played this PSA that Kid Rock did about downloading.
It's starts off with his 'tude waggling and something like "I'm so fuck'en rich... what do I care if you download a few of my songs..."
(which was, apparently his actual posture on the issue back in the napster days)
... he then goes on to crawl around in sarcasm with stuff like "and while you're at it... don't pay for other shit either... Just take the iPod... Apple's rich. They wont miss your money... Or gas!! Next time you fill up... just drive away. Have you seen how rich the oil companies are? Sha..."
So his point is reinforced by the radio peeps "It's no different man... I mean, I still download, but I'm admitting that it's no different."
Like the message is "Stealing is stealing... period."
Which is utter and rancid garbage.
Only in the hearts and minds of puerile newcomers to the concept of responsibility has this ever been true.
I mean we don't even have to go into the legal stuff about grand theft, petty theft, stealing candy, stealing a loaded gun...
Stealing music by downloading is - worst case - a finable offense.
Dude's getting boned by Gerome in cell 5A for stealing a car or robbing future shop.
The message to Kid and the suits that pulled his dick until he made the PSA is...
A song is a song.
Only an idiot lost in misguided intentions thinks a song is "no different" than real property like a car, an iPod or a tank of gas.
First of all... those other things are consumable. If they could, car companies would build cars that melted in five years.
Music is not even marginally similar.
THE ONLY REASON COPY RIGHT ISSUES AND DOWNLOADING are being mainlined into us is because the music executives haven't figured out how to make a song melt in five years. If they could, they'd sell them with counters that only let the song get played x number of times.
Because 90 % of the music business (note: that implies 90% of the salaries paid) have almost nothing to do with creating music.
If even one tenth of the useless tools that ride the music-business-gravy-train got the hell off the bus and made an honest living, the business could afford to slash product prices like mad. Will this ever happen? Not bloody likely.
Screw you Kid Rock... and your whole "being a sell out" vibe.

Geeky moment...
So my Nokia 770... a wonderful gift from a rarely seen friend... was driving me bonkers. Two years of advances in miniaturization is ... generational.
Well it was time to take a risk ... so I decided to flash it with what is called the "2007 Hacker Edition" of the debian tablet o/s.
It's kinda squeezing all the Nokia 880 it can out of the 770 hardware.
There are still issues... (I can't get canola2 to work...)
... but it's all fun 'n stuff again. :D
(meanwhile... I am angling seriously for an iPhone... and praying to the godess that Rogers has an unlimited call packet plan that is not mental.)
ps. I very seriously hate hate HATE the way the canadian cell companies are raping the hell out of us... pretty much "because they can".
Screw the Afghanistan deal... lets bring the toops back and have them attack Rogers and Bell ... and force them to embrace non-totalitarian practices and beliefs.

~ please not "Link" getting ready in the background. :D
It's "Medieval Feast Day" in Edwards grade four class.
For the occasion, he and I baked four dozen SURPRISINGLY delicious choc chip cookies last night. (because those were such a staple in medieval diets...)
(and ignore the sleep literally pouring out of my eyes...)

:O downloaded Todd Rundgren... ahhh... arrest me!!!
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